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Rachel & Jeff

Rachel & Jeff

“The mix of indoor/outdoor options at Saphire Estate was a huge sell for us!”


I met Jeff towards the end of college through a friend and developed an instant crush on him, though we didn’t meet again until a few years later when I spotted him on an online dating site. I instantly recognized him and was excited to learn that he stayed in Boston after college like I did. It only took a few exchanged messages and a first date to know we were developing a strong connection. Looking back, we joke about how happy we were it didn’t work out during college because it worked out so perfectly when we finally got together.


The mix of indoor/outdoor options at Saphire Estate was a huge sell for us! The natural outdoor settings for photographs and the ceremony was exactly what I was imaging for a trendy barn-style wedding; however, I still wanted the elegance of a ballroom. Saphire Estate offered the best of both options. I couldn’t be happier with our outdoor photos. Lastly, being a people-pleaser and having to take care of 18+ family members and bridal party, it was really amazing to have such a helpful staff around to take care of all those I cared about.


My favorite part of the day were the moments leading up to seeing Jeff for the first time and the few minutes leading up to the ceremony. They were such monumental moments of the day and they were carried out flawlessly! I also really enjoyed the alone time Jeff and I had during our couples photos. I have very vivid memories of those moments when I look at our wedding photos and it brings me right back to it.

Once Like A Spark Photography
Once Like A Spark Photography

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