Falling in Love with Autumn Weddings: Top Ten Fall Wedding Trends for 2010

The benefits of an autumn wedding are endless. The rich colors, the natural foliage-filled picturesque scenery, and the comfort of knowing that sweating your bridal makeup off in 90 degree heat is highly unlikely are all charming perks of a fall wedding in New England.  Leaving the summer tones and heat behind, the cool crisp atmosphere of a fall wedding is modern and ultimately unforgettable. These unique trends are sure to be a hit among guests.

1. Leave traditional invitations behind
One of the main bridal concerns upon entering the fairytale wedding process is the creation of a perfect invitation to generate a feeling of excitement to the lucky chosen guests. A fall wedding invitation incorporating violet, red, burnt orange, teal, or sage could be updated by adding a few silk autumn leaves in the envelope. Guests will be delighted and pleasantly surprised by the intricate details of your autumn wedding announcement.

2. Favorable fall treats
Weddings favors leave a lasting impression with all who attend. Creativity must be utilized to remain memorable. Candy or caramel apples wrapped up with custom-made bride & groom’s name ribbon is a lovely autumn appropriate gift. Small jugs of maple syrup or home-made fruit preserves also accentuate the seasonal feeling.

3. A twist on an American classic
Why put emphasis on a large cake when smaller treats are so handy and modern? Apple pie, pumpkin pie, rhubarb pie, pecan pie, any type of pie can be made into a smaller cup-cake sized version of the original classics. Spice up a wedding with unique and flavorful mini pies for dessert.

4. Kicking it old school
Vintage is in. Old is very new and trendy again. Channel your inner ‘Mad Men’ or bring back the roaring twenties to create a vintage-styled, traditional wedding. Classy and timeless, this theme will never go out of style.

5. Candles galore
Nothing implies romance more than flickering flames down the aisle or at candlelit tables. Candles create a literally glowing mood and set up an elegant ambiance that will only add to your fabulous fall wedding.

6. Get the cider flowing?
Apple cider is the ultimate autumn treat. The spicy aroma and warmth of cider contributes to a fall inspired atmosphere. Guests will be entranced with an apple cider bar that creates a homey yet elegant appeal.

7. Outdoor autumn weddings
Spring and summer weddings step aside. Autumn is bringing the outdoor wedding back. Tents are an excellent option to host a wedding keeping it modern yet practical. Fall foliage can be enjoyed from the safety of a well-decorated tent. All guests can enjoy the best of both worlds; indoor sophistication and natural beauty.

8. Oh my gourd carving stations
An interactive fall-inspired station for young and old alike carving gourds is a very unique trend this year. A few gourds and carving knives are the only requirements to turn a reception into a place for autumn themed activities.

 9. Flower girl or leaf girl
The picture of a young flower girl tossing autumn leaves or acorns on the aisle is a creative detail that can be added to fall weddings. The different colored leaves in shades of red, orange, and gold will stand out magnificently on a light colored aisle.

10. Go green for fall
A trend that never goes out of style is making aspects of your wedding eco-friendly. Using recycled paper, specialized LED lighting, wearing vintage or organic material gowns/bridesmaid dresses, using soy wax candles etc. are all small ways in which you can give back to the planet that so graciously houses you and your fiancé.

What are your favorite fall traditions and unique wedding ideas?

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