Seven Reasons to Become a Savy Saphire Event Group Blog Follower | SEG

Alright, you get it. We launched a blog. But why should you take the time to read it?

1. Our blog is always going to be updated. It’s not like a magazine you have to wait around for. We won’t be publishing once a season. Instead we’re always going to be on the pulse, researching and writing constantly so we can share fun and informative pieces with you.

2. Not a big reader? Fine by us. Our blogs aren’t meant to read like novels- more like a grown up’s picture book. Everything we write about will be accompanied by eye-catching photos, so you’ll still know what the article is about even if you skip a couple sentences (your secret is safe with us).

3. A blog is a place for sharing. Need a place to bounce your ideas off of wedding industry professionals and other brides? You found it here. Write a comment on one of our entries and you’re bound to get feedback from us or other readers!

4. You’re never going to be bored. We’re not just going to blog about how great we are. We’re going to be storytellers, teachers, and trendsetters.

5. Forget about having to flip through advertisements or articles you aren’t interested in. Reading our blog means you can pick and chose which entries catch your attention. A variety of entries and related descriptions will help save you time!

6. Want to read about something specific? Tell us! We’re here to help YOU and willing to write about almost anything.

7. We’re up-and-coming. You can be the first of your friends to check out the blog and help spread the word!
By: Kelly Hamilton

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