Making it 2 the Aisle: Part 2


 Planning a wedding is tough, but sometimes picking your venue can be one of the hardest parts

Over the course of one month, Sarah and Adam weighed their options and physically toured six different venues. After hearing about Saphire Event Group from a friend, the two decided to make Saphire Estate their third stop. From the beginning of their tour, both Sarah and Adam were impressed by what we could offer them and their special day.

√  A venue where they could hold both their ceremony and reception?

√  A beautiful ballroom big enough to accommodate their guests, yet offer an intimate feel?

√  A lakeside location with a private beach perfect for photo opportunities?

√  A helpful, flexible Saphire Estate Event Planner willing to work with them to create a day specifically catered to their needs and wants?

And as they pulled away from the south shore wedding venue, Adam made a remark he hadn’t made after touring any of the other venues; he told Sarah he could see them being married here. In the end, it was that comment, in combination with all we had to offer, that sealed the deal.

With the venue selection process finished, the next step was picking the date. With two possible openings in October, Sarah and Adam struggled to decide which day would work best – it wasn’t just a wedding date, it would be an anniversary date for many years to come!  Soon after, Sarah awoke from a dream with the answer to their dilemma. Stirring Adam from his sleep, Sarah told him of her dream in which the number 8 in the date 10-8-10 turned on its side, transforming itself into an infinity sign. With that, the date was set.

Cleverly, Adam chose to propose on a date (8-10-10) that correlated with the wedding date itself (10-8-10). A groom with a sense of involvement and creativity? We like that!


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