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Are you planning your Massachusetts wedding at a Saphire Event Group venue? If so, then you have been, or will be, assigned an incredible SEG Wedding Producer to walk you through the ins and outs of planning your big day and who will be by your side on the day you say “I do.”

But what is an SEG Wedding Producer, and how do they differ from an outside event planner? We’re sharing the top 5 differences between our expert wedding producers and outside event planners below! 

1. Executing the Wedding-Day Timeline on Your Big Day 

A carefully planned timeline is essential for a seamless wedding day. While both an outside event planner and an SEG Wedding Producer will help to create your timeline prior to your wedding day, your SEG Producer will be there on the day-of to execute.

They’ll corral your wedding party when it’s time to walk down the aisle, guide guests from cocktail hour to reception for dinner and toasts, answer any questions vendors may have throughout the day, and step in so you can kick back and enjoy the best day of your life!

Depending on their services, some outside event planners may also offer day-of coordination and will help with the day-of duties as well! When looking for an outside wedding planner, be sure to ask if day-of coordination is included in their package. 

Wedding Producer at Saphire Estate Helps Bride with Dress Before Her Massachusetts Summer Wedding Ceremony
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2. Familiarity With Your Venue

One of the many perks of having an SEG wedding producer is that they’ll know your wedding venue like the back of their hand. They’ve produced countless weddings at your venue and have seen it ALL, which ensures they can handle absolutely anything thrown their way on your wedding day. 

Beyond knowing your venue inside and out, your SEG producer has strong relationships with the chefs, bartenders, servers, event managers, wedding attendants, and set-up crew. This makes for stellar communication behind-the-scenes throughout your big day! Your producer will make sure that your gorgeous escort cards and various signage are perfectly placed, that any allergies and meal specifications are served accordingly, that the signature drinks are topped with your personalized drink stirrers, and everything in between. 

When searching for the perfect outside event planner for your wedding day, we suggest asking your venue if they have any recommendations for planners they’ve enjoyed working with in the past. Another way to find a great outside event planner is to look through your venue’s social media pages to find planners that have worked at your venue prior. 

Wedding Producer Helps Bride and Groom Cut Cake at Saphire Estate Massachusetts Wedding
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3. Vendors

Finding and booking wedding vendors can be an extensive part of the wedding-planning process. Hiring professional vendors is vital for having a relaxed wedding day, and who better to give vendor recommendations than experts in the wedding industry!

An outside event planner can recommend great vendors such as a DJ, florist and photographer, and can also help book these vendors which takes one more thing off of your to-do list. An SEG wedding producer will give tons of vendor recommendations that tailor specifically to your vibe and will reach out to your vendors to confirm closer to your wedding date, but won’t handle the initial vendor bookings. 

Each SEG venue has a preferred vendor list which features incredible vendors who are amazing to work with and have worked with our team countless times before. 

DJ and DJ booth at The Villa wedding venue in East Bridgewater Massachusetts
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4. Organizing the Details

Your attention to detail with choosing color palettes, stationary, and signage are what will create a once-in-a-lifetime wedding experience for you and your guests! You’ll have several meetings with your SEG wedding producer to organize vendors, details, floor plans, menus and timelines during the 6 months prior to your wedding day.

Throughout the planning process they’ll help with ordering details such as your linens and chargers, and also handle these rentals on the day-of so it’s one less thing for you to worry about! An outside event planner can help with ordering the smaller details such as your favors or table numbers, and may also help with putting details together such as your invitation suite, or escort cards!

Boho Wedding Tablescape at The Villa in East Bridgewater Massachusetts
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5. The Rehearsal

Your wedding rehearsal is an essential step in the wedding-planning process, and a moment where you may be feeling all the day-before jitters! This is why your SEG wedding producer will be at the venue to lead the rehearsal. Depending on the planner you are working with, an outside wedding planner may also be there to help execute the wedding rehearsal, and can help find a delicious restaurant to host your rehearsal dinner after the ceremony run-through. Having your SEG producer or event planner there to answer any questions helps move things along in an organized manner and ensures everyone knows where they need to be on the actual day of.

Father and Bride Walk Down the Ceremony Aisle at Her Massachusetts Wedding at Saphire Estate
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Both an SEG wedding producer and an outside wedding planner have their perks. Think about what wedding-planning services you are hoping to have help with, and decide if having just an SEG wedding producer is the right choice for you. Interested in working with our incredible wedding producers? Click here to learn more about our four Massachusetts’ wedding venues! Happy planning!

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