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In our first ever SEG Vendor Spotlight, we’re showcasing the incredible Bay Productions, a husband-and-wife, wedding-photography-and-cinematography duo! 

Brittany and Jeremy Bay have captured over 425 weddings in their 8 ½ years in the industry.

One of the recent New England weddings Bay Productions captured was at Avenir, one of Saphire Event Group’s four premier Massachusetts wedding venues. The photo album and videos they captured from Janelle & Tucker’s summer wedding day was one of our favorite wedding albums we received from 2022, and so we were incredibly excited to sit down with this dynamic duo to learn valuable insight on all things New England wedding photography and cinematography. 

Want to know how to choose the best photographer for your wedding day, or why you should consider hiring a wedding videographer if you’re on the fence? Keep on reading.

1.“How did you get started in wedding photography and videography?”

Brittany & Jeremy wanted a career that spoke to their souls and allowed them to leave their mark on the world. Eight-and-a-half years ago, Brittany had come home from her Sales/Marketing job one day and knew she wanted something different for her life.

“My friend was over and asked me, ‘If you could do one thing, what would it be?’ Out of nowhere I just said, ‘videography!!’ Then I posted on Facebook asking if anyone would like me to film their wedding for $100. I had 13 people reach out that wanted me to shoot their wedding. And then six months later Jeremy started second-shooting for me.”

Husband and Wife Wedding Photography and Cinematography Duo Pose for Portraits

2. “Why weddings?”

Brittany said there was always some pull towards weddings for her. She had previously worked for a dating service and as a venue coordinator, and knew the “love industry” was where she wanted to be. 

“I loved it and loved weddings and immediately was like ‘that’s what I want to do,’” recalled Brittany. 

Detailed Wedding Band and Engagement Ring with Bride and Groom
Bay Productions

3. “If you could describe Bay Productions style in 3 words what would they be?”

Brittany described Bay Productions’ style as out-of-the-box, warm, and timeless. 


“I always try to give something different in every wedding,” Brittany explained. “A lot of people will say they’ve never seen photography like mine and that’s super important to me because there are so many different classic styles and I don’t exactly fit into any of those boxes.”


“I’m on the warmer side, I’m not orange, but I like to be vibrant and colorful.”


“Even though I do a lot of out-of-the-box things, the majority of things are going to be classic. I want some out-of-the-box things to make artwork for your home but then I also want you to have the classics and candids to tell a story of your day.”

Bridesmaids Wearing Champagne Bridesmaids Dresses and Posing at Avenir In Walpole Masachusetts
Bay Productions

4. “Being both New England and destination photographers/videographers, what do you find most special about New England weddings?”

“You guys party like nobody else. The North versus the South… totally different vibe,” Brittany said. 

Brittany said she feels close with her New England couples, and she’ll take many ideas she sees at her New England weddings down to her Southern couples and they are blown away by the ideas because it’s something they’ve never seen before.

Bride and Groom Dancing at Their Ballroom Wedding Reception at Avenir in Walpole Massachusetts
Bay Productions

5. “What is your approach to photographing/videographing weddings?” 

“I go in with a game plan of at least one specific, really out-of-the-box photo, and then from there I have a brochure that I send them with an example timeline that goes through all of the things I am going to capture,” explained Brittany.

She said that Bay Productions is very intentional with what they’re shooting. Not only are they capturing what’s happening around them, but they want to design moments so they are able to put together a beautiful love story of the day

6. “What is your approach to capturing candid, emotional photos such as the one below?”

Bride Groom and Wedding Party Laugh and Have Fun at Avenir In Walpole Massachusetts
Bay Productions

“Well first we have really stupid jokes prepared,” Brittany replied.  “But it’s just, we become friends with the couple, and we always hear, ‘we’re so comfortable around you and this is so fun!’ So we want to make that relationship with the couple because we’re going to be with them more than anyone else throughout the wedding day. We want them to feel like we’re best friends.”

Want to see more of Janelle & Tucker’s summer wedding day at Avenir? Click here to watch their highlight video filmed & edited by Bay Productions. 

7. “What has your experience been like working with Saphire Event Group?” 

“Whoever was on staff that day I just remember it being a breath of fresh air to have someone who was kind, and understands what we are there to do.”

8. “What advice can you give to couples who aren’t used to having their photos taken?”

 “You have to find a photographer you’re going to be friends with because you spend more time with them than basically anyone else the whole day and you want to be comfortable around them,” said Brittany. She explained that the more comfortable you’ll feel, the more you’ll let your guard down and the more authentic emotion that can be captured. 

Groomsmen Skip and Laugh at Wedding at Avenir in Walpole Massachusetts
Bay Productions

9. “If there’s one thing you want couples to know about wedding photography and videography in general, what would it be?”

“I honestly care more about video than I do photography as a photographer,” said Brittany. “With my own wedding, the video was what I wanted to see the most. You can’t hear speeches, or see your first dance, or the music that’s playing, or your vows, or any of that stuff without video.”

Brittany explained how her grandfather passed away six weeks after her wedding and her father-daughter dance with him was not captured on photo or video. 

“You don’t know what you’re going to be missing out on if you don’t hire a professional that knows what they’re doing, which we unfortunately have to learn by our own experience,” explained Brittany.

It’s clear that regardless of your priorities for your wedding, the photos and video are all that you’ll have to remember your wedding after the day is over, (besides each other and your wedding bands of course)! 

To learn more about Bay Productions, visit their website at

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