Wedding Nails for Every Style

We won’t bore you with chatter. This week’s blog is all about one thing and one thing only…wedding nails! Done the right way, wedding nails can be the ultimate accessory, so we’ve given you solid and printed nail options for nine different wedding themes. With so many designs, you’re bound to find at least one you love.

Ultra-Femme Wedding Nails
Our first thought? Make those fingernails as pink as can be!
wedding nails

Eco-Friendly Wedding Nails
You can go with earth tones or something a bit more literal. Don’t these printed nails look a bit like dandelions against the summer sky?
wedding nails

Modern Wedding Nails
Crisp, minimalistic and fabulous- that’s what makes a modern wedding nail. And caviar nails? Don’t even get us started!
wedding nails

Eclectic Wedding Nails
Anything goes, no matter how far out. Orange is always a wild card, and we adore this artistic, 60s-inspired swirl.
wedding nails

Vintage Wedding Nails
Pastel shades and dainty, petitte designs complete this look, which is perfect for a woman who loves ultra-femme but wants a fun twist.
wedding nails

Rustic Wedding Nails
Believe us, there’s a way to pull off the rustic look without having your nails look old and unkempt. Just stick to muted tones and stay away from any shiny accents.
wedding nails

Beachy Wedding Nails
The beach theme is pretty self-explanatory…Throw in some blue paint, and you’re good to go! We’re obsessed with this blue ombre nail, but if you want to get crazy you could try a starfish or sand/sun theme.
wedding nails

Homemade Wedding Nails
Homemade doesn’t have to translate to messy. These color block nails look a lot harder to create than they actually are. All you need is a bit of tape, a few nail polish colors and a little patience.
wedding nails

Which nails best describe your style? Let us know in the comment section below!

By: Kelly Hamilton

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