Glitter Wedding Inspiration!

glitter wedding

It’s okay to admit it…you never did get over your childhood love for sparkles, did you? Us either! Well, there’s no need to hide it anymore, because glitter is back and in a big way!

Incorporating glitter into your wedding day look is surprisingly easy. Your options are broad, ranging anywhere from glittery food to shiny fashion pieces. If you don’t want sparkles on your dress, smooth a glittering linen over your tables. Would you rather the sparkle be a bit more personal and less obvious to your guests? Have your manicurist get creative with shimmering polish.

There aren’t many rules when it comes glitter-fying an event, but please, do yourself a favor by not going overboard. You can include a little splash of sparkle or a fierce focal piece, but if you hit sparkle overload, you run the risk of having your wedding confused for a six year old’s birthday party. Apart from the gown sported by the beautiful bride above, all of our suggested elements are reasonably subtle when presented on their own. Some of the ideas could be tastefully combined in one event (ie. the bride wearing glittering heels, with her groom sporting a glamorous boutonniere), however, you must always remember, too much shine can prove distracting.

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By: Kelly Hamilton

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