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Warming Up Your Wedding Guests: Our Best Winter Ideas

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Winter is the perfect season in which to say, “I do,” but you also want your guests to be comfortable in your winter wonderland.  Just like any other time of year, the details will create a beautiful experience and ambiance, but in winter they call also make your guests more comfortable in the chilly long nights. Here are some of the coziest ways to enjoy your winter wedding.
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Warm Inside-

Food and drinks that will warm bellies and generate smiles

Warm wintery foods and beverages are a sure-fire way to warm your guests at your winter wedding.



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-Opt for “comfort food” that will fit your style.  Southern comfort food, English comfort food, every style has its own winter weather dishes.

-Soups, like lobster bisque or a delicious clam chowder can pair nicely for weddings.

-Fondue might be right for you, consider the French-style chez bonne femme to elevate this crowd-pleaser.  A chocolate fondue fountain also makes for a wonderful winter desert.

-Anything “roasted,” from duck to roast beef, even roasted vegetables, will fit a warm, dark evening.



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-A hot chocolate bar, where guests choose add-ins like peppermint, spices (“Mexican hot chocolate”-style) whipped cream, or a shot of their favorite liqueur (like a nice Kahlua).

-An espresso bar fits with the same add-ins as hot chocolate, and they fit nicely together if you want both (and the right liqueur will make for a delightful Irish coffee).

-Tea bar, such as with an Earl Grey Hot Toddy or orange bourbon tea.

-Hot buttered rum or spiked egg nog

-Mulled wine

-Spiced (spiked) cider

-A bourbon sampler or whiskey bar

-Pomosa (pomegranate mimosa)

Nothing warms your guests like a hot mug in the hand, but consider also some cocktails or alcoholic varieties to warm winter bellies.

Warm Outside-

Ideas to make your guests comfortable in the winter


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Minimize your guests’ outdoor time in the winter months and if you use an outdoor area, here are some ideas to make the great outdoors a little greater.  Keep in mind that if you are dancing outdoors, people will generate more heat.  Still, guests will need covering and heating to be comfortable in the winter months.

-A heavier duty tent, even double-tent or a smaller “entrance tent.”

-Elevated floor with rugs to cover it, so no one is walking directly on cold ground.

Fire—a fire pit can make an outdoor space delightful.

-An outdoor fireplace, or portable romantic chimenea.

-Patio heaters

-Table-topped heat lamps

Also designate one trustworthy individual to be in charge of temperature throughout the event.  That person can monitor guests for comfort and adjust gauges on heaters, add logs to the fire, or any other task to ensure that you will not have to worry about it on your big day.

Warm Throughout-

Add to the winter weather ambiance with some memorable warmers


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Pinterest is every modern bride’s endless idea forum, and when it comes to wedding favors and decor items that warm up guests, you’ll find something truly inspirational.

-Handwarmers, which can easily be made to fit your theme or personalized with your names and wedding date.

Blankets, monogrammed or in your wedding colors, on display or on each chair.

Fur (or faux) stoles.

-Or even provide knit mittens for guests.

Winter weddings fit every look and every wedding theme: dazzling and elegant, or cozy and comfortable. With so many beautiful, brilliant ways to tell your story, you can see why winter weddings are trending

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