Why You Should Consider a Weekday Wedding - Monday, Thursday, & Beyond

Scrambling to still try and plan your dream wedding? A weekday wedding date might be just what you need.

In the wake of the global pandemic caused by COVID-19, many couples have found themselves trying to rearrange their 2020 wedding plans. Anyone who has ever been involved in planning a wedding knows that the sheer amount of logistics for a “normal” celebration can be dizzying, let alone an event in which now many details need to be altered.

With the future of the next few months being extremely uncertain, many couples are choosing to reschedule or postpone their events (which experts agree is a better alternative to cancelling all together).

Getting married on a weekday
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One thing’s for certain: times like these often end up resulting in some creative and new ideas for wedding planning. With “typical” wedding dates now being scooped up by couples that have had to reschedule (especially if you live in a location like New England where the wedding business is very seasonal), some might be looking at alternative options they may have not considered before, like weekday weddings!

“A weekday wedding is wonderful as it ensures a more intimate celebration,” says Angie Bonin of Angelina Rose Photography. “The couple and their family and friends can really connect. Also, for a photographer who really loves storytelling, I  personally feel as though the images are more emotional. Whether its joyous moments of celebration or tears of laughter, the guests and the couple seem to experience those moments even more deeply.”

The weekday wedding is not a new thing

Weekday weddings aren’t necessarily new (even back in the 2018, The Knot’s “Real Weddings” study showed that approximately one in five weddings have taken place on a Monday through Friday for the previous seven years), but when planning in the time of COVID-19, couples may find themselves with many more options if they are open to new ideas for how to celebrate their nuptials.

Weddings in America have typically been held on weekends (namely Saturdays) due to a traditional work schedule. However with a shift in the culture of employment (think about how many people you know that work remotely, or work outside a traditional nine-to-five office job) also comes a shift in planning for events like a wedding.

Many couples in the last decade have been veering away from the wedding customs of yesteryear, and choosing instead to incorporate more individualized elements into their nuptials (like having non-religious ceremonies, appetizer heavy-receptions, giving donations to a charity in lieu of physical favors, incorporating their pets into the celebration, etc.), and we predict that weekday weddings could be the next to follow.

“There’s always a very unique feel to having a weekday wedding,” says Scott Metzger of Metzger Studios. “As a photographer I am still looking for the best light, posing, composition and emotion – it all seems to come a lot easier to me at a weekday wedding. I think this has to do with everyone being a bit more at ease.”

Vero Amore Weddings
Vero Amore Weddings

Common concerns about weekday weddings

At Saphire Event Group, we’ve been fans of weekday weddings for some time now (in 2019, we hosted eighteen Monday through Thursday weddings between our venues!). After over forty years in the business, we know inside and out the pros and cons of all different aspects of weddings, and our knowledgeable staff is constantly providing couples with expertise to help them plan the best day ever. Here’s a run-down of some of the most common concerns we get when it comes to the idea of weekday weddings:

“A weekday wedding will be inconvenient for my guests that have to work the next day.”

We get it—even though the typical hours of many jobs have evolved over the years, there is still the assumption that everyone works nine-to-five. Even if that is the case for the majority of your guests, think about the number of special events that take place Monday through Thursday… and somehow, people manage to make time for it!

“The same way that people go to concerts, sports games, restaurants, and parties during the week, people will want to come and celebrate your wedding no matter what day it is on,” says Lauren, SEG Assistant to the Director of Sales.

“Give your family and friends plenty of time to plan. For example, if you’re having a Thursday wedding, encourage them to take Friday off, making a long weekend! Who doesn’t love an excuse to play hooky for a bit?!”

“I’m worried about people who will have to travel.”

Similar to the previous concern, planning is the name of the game. Think about where your guests are traveling from – if they are coming from out of state, chances are they are going to need to travel for more than one day regardless. Keep in mind that pricing for airfare from Friday to Sunday is often more expensive anyway, so you might be saving your guests a few extra dollars if they find themselves flying out on a Wednesday evening or a Thursday morning. 

When you send out your save the dates, make sure it’s clearly noted not only the date of the event, but the day of the week it’s taking place on as well. Include some additional local activities that will help them see the sites and make them feel like they truly got to enjoy a mini-vacation.

Fortunately, our three wedding venues are all conveniently located on Boston’s South Shore, making it a prime location if your guests want to stay in the city and enjoy its historic cultural offerings. If a seaside escape is more their jam, your family and friends can easily find themselves exploring New England’s most beautiful coastal communities with both Newport, Rhode Island and Cape Cod just a car ride away!

“It’s not a ‘normal’ day to have a wedding.”

While that may be the case right now (although many wedding experts across the country have already started encouraging more and more couples to be open to weekday dates, especially as it comes to rescheduling 2020 weddings), that will most likely be a positive thing when it comes to wedding planning! Weekday weddings are sort of like “off-season” weddings – with less couples competing for the same dates, you’re more like to have an easier time booking the vendors you want.

“Your chances for vendor availability is higher, which allows you to handpick your A-team,” says Kelly Salvati, Marketing & Events Manager for Mike’s Music. Many of your typical vendors (photographers, entertainment, hair and makeup, etc.) will probably be excited to have an extra day of business that weekend outside of their typical Friday/Saturday/Sunday schedule.

“The biggest advantage of a weekday wedding is that you will most likely be the only event they have that day and have the opportunity to take as much time as you need to get ready,” says Michelle Sands of Traveling Beauty. “When your vendors don’t have to be anywhere else, you’ll have more time and won’t feel rushed. Also think about the availability of many vendors – it’s definitely easier to book them with weddings during the week!”

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“I’m afraid people won’t have as much fun on a weekday.”

No matter when your wedding takes place, it’s a celebration. The people you invite to witness your commitment to your partner are those whom you love and adore, and those people are going to feel the same way about your big day whether it’s on a Tuesday at 9 A.M. or Saturday night.

“I’ve had some of my best wedding ‘parties’ on Thursday nights and even Monday nights,” says Jimmie Espo of 617 Weddings + Events. “The people that will come have made arrangements to be present and they really want to be there. I think couples will be pleasantly surprised on the response they get and the attendance!”

Also keep in mind that after a very stressful couple of months, many people are going to be so excited to get back out and celebrate that they will not have a second thought about what day of the week it is. “Weekday weddings gives you and your friends and family more options to celebrate at a time when everyone really needs it,” says Jeff Turner of Black Thumb Studio.

Give them something look forward to after having spent months in isolation (and if nothing else, you can always re-brand it as the ultimate #WeddingWednesday)!

The biggest argument for a weekday wedding? Hey, must be the $$$!

Weddings are already expensive, and hosting a wedding on the other side of a global crisis can be downright scary. A big thing to think about is the fact that weekday weddings are often like “off-season” weddings – you’re more likely to get the most bang for your buck.

So whether it’s saving just a little extra for you to start your lives with, or getting some of the vendors you wouldn’t have been able to afford normally on a prime Saturday, the advantages of a weekday wedding could literally payoff big time in the end. If vendors haven’t offered you an incentive yet, now’s the time to ask!

“Weekday weddings give couples more flexibility in assembling their dream vendor team and creating the vision for their wedding, especially during the busiest wedding months,” says Tom Kura of Your Love In Lights. “They will often find a wider selection of items and services available, as well as more availability to accommodate special logistics requests on the day.”

Wedding party toasts to weekday weddings
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The biggest thing to remember is that a wedding is a wedding no matter what day of the week it is. Trust in your vendors that they will be there for you and give you the best experience possible, regardless of the date.

“During this crazy time in the business, we are encouraging our couples that are being forced to move their wedding dates to consider a wedding during the week because we are all in this together,” says Jon Smith of Unique Sounds. “We will all work extremely hard to make sure that you have the most incredible day of your life, no matter what day of the week it is!”

Monday weddings

Throw an amazing soiree and you’ll find none of your guests will be having a case of the Mondays!

All couples want to feel like a star on their big day, and with a Monday wedding you’re that much closer to achieving true celebrity status. Did you know that actress Cameron Diaz and musician Benji Madden, singer Justin Bieber and model Hailey Baldwin, Oscar-winner Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe, and actress Kerry Washington and San Francisco 49ers cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha all chose to tie the knot on a Monday!?

Thursday weddings

Think back to when you were in college – what was one of the best nights of the week? #ThirstyThursday, right?!  While your tastes have no doubt matured since then, a Thursday wedding date could be just the thing to get the party started.

According to one local DJ, “Thursdays are the new Saturdays!” If you want your guests to be able to make the absolute most of their experience traveling for your wedding, a Thursday could be the perfect kick off to a long weekend, beginning with your rockin’ celebration and then leaving them plenty of time to explore the area before heading home.

Additional weekday wedding info

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Ready to chat more about the possibility of a weekday wedding in New England?  Our Boston wedding venues are ready for you! Drop us a line and tell us a little about your big day!

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