Uncovering the Tradition of the Bridal Shower

This week we’re wondering: Where did the tradition of the bridal shower originate?
The tradition of the bridal shower started out pretty basic. Women got together to offer support, eat good food and gossip a bit about marriage.

But why’s it called a Bridal Shower?
It was during the 1890s that bridal showers really started transforming into the tradition we know today. Why? The ladies started showing up in their hoop skirts with gifts in hand. Then, on one fateful day, some lady had the brilliant idea of putting all of the gifts in a parasol and opening it over the bride-to-be’s head so the presents would “shower” over her. Personally, we think that sounds like a horrible idea (ouch?), but when the story hit the pages of a fashion magazine, women all over thought it sounded great and started doing it on a regular basis. Hence, the “bridal shower” was born.

The Bridal Shower of Today
The concept of the bridal shower has progressed greatly over the years. These days, it’s not uncommon for couples to host co-ed wedding showers or to skip the shower all together, opting for a weekend away with best friends instead. Of course we would never argue against the special significance of a ladies-only hang out, but a little change never hurt anyone, now did it?

Bridal Shower

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By: Kelly Hamilton

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