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History 101: Saphire style is back!
This week we’re wondering: Why do married couples wear rings and why on that specific finger?

So you’re engaged and patiently waiting to have that gorgeous wedding band slipped on your finger. With this ring, you will be officially joined in commitment with the love of your life. But did you ever wonder why this one piece of jewelry symbolizes so many important aspects of your life?

The first people to wear wedding bands were the Ancient Egyptians. With no clear beginning or end, the shape of the band represented unending love. Meanwhile, the gold makeup of the band symbolized purity. While many stray from the traditional gold band these days, opting for more ornate pieces, the symbolic nature of the ring remains the same.

But why the left hand? Why the fourth finger? You can thank the people of Ancient Rome who began the practice of wearing the ring on that specific finger, because they thought the vein in this finger (vena amoris) led directly to the heart. With both the man and woman’s ring on this finger, they were “joined at the heart.”

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By: Kelly Hamilton

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