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We don’t want to be discussing old hat, but can we just say we’re obsessed with photo booths? Yeah, you’ve probably heard of the trend. Have a photo booth at your reception; take pictures in it with your family and friends, etc. etc.  But may we be so bold as to say, if you’re not entertaining the idea of having one at your wedding, you probably should be.

Don’t understand the purpose of a photo booth when you already have a photographer lined up? Concerned about the cost? Well, let us tell you, my friend, we have reasons that are almost certain to counteract any of your doubts. If you’re anti-photo booth, we’re almost certain you’ll be the photo booth’s newest cheerleader when you’re through with this write up.

We love photography, and we appreciate the heck out of the art. However, there’s something to be said about the magic a photo booth can bring out in a person. Being aware of a photographer taking your picture often equates to manipulated smiles and conscious poses. A photo booth, on the other hand, has a playful connotation. We can safely assume that guests will feel free to provide you with the goofiest pictures possible when given the chance to “pose” for a photo booth session. And in the days following the big celebration, you’ll have the instant gratification of seeing how much everyone enjoyed the party while you wait patiently for the shots from your photographer.

Shutterbooth Snapshot


For the couple that has little time to spare and little monetary worries, there’s the photo booth that can be rented, delivered, and prepared for you. Shutterbooth is a very popular choice in the rent-a-booth industry. The company made the 2010 Preferred list, earned a Bride’s Choice Award in 2010 from, and was sponsored in 2009/2010 by The Knot. Shutterbooth isn’t your basic photo booth inside the arcade on the boardwalk. The Shutterbooth fits 10-15 people and generates high-quality photos instantly.

Unconvinced by the Shutterbooth sales pitch, but still interested in the thought of a photo booth? Three letters: DIY. It may take a bit of time and patience, but we not so secretly like the idea of DIY photo booths better anyways. Unlike the sterile feel of a rented photo booth, a DIY photo booth is customizable and cozy. Pick the fabric you want to hang as the background, supply some props, use your own laptop to take the pictures. Make it elaborate or simple- whatever you like. The point is that you’re taking goofy pictures with the ones you love and the scene is totally YOU. Interested in how to DIY? Just type “DIY Wedding Photo Booth” into Google and you’ll score some valuable results.

DIY Photobooth- Bridal Party

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By: Kelly Hamilton

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