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There are certainly many wonderful and memorable moments in a wedding, but one of the most classic images is that of the bride and groom stepping into the wedding getaway car. The car, appropriately decorated with “Just Married” scrawled across the back and pulling tin cans or old shoes behind it, is a symbol of the new life the couple is embarking upon together. Clean black or elegant white limousines have long been used as a comfortable and convenient wedding getaway car, but the fact is that while they may provide a spacious and exciting environment for the couple, there are many other possibilities that can make bold, timeless and fun statements.

Spring Wedding Getaway Cars

Spring wedding themes tend to focus on celebrating warmer temperatures and the beauty of nature–from the dresses, hairstyles, flowers and color theme to the perfect spring wedding venue, menu, centerpieces and even the getaway car. In order to create the truly memorable event you desire you will want to tie all your wedding details together under the main wedding theme. This will create a truly unique event, and one that is forever beautifully preserved in your wedding photos. So before your write it off as one of the less important details, take a moment to think a little more closely about the perfect spring wedding getaway car, starting with the following options:

  • A bicycle: While not really a getaway “car”, a bicycle (or bicycles) can be a wonderful spring wedding getaway vehicle–especially for a more casual wedding and one where there is a very short distance between embarkation and destination locations or you simply want to create a unique photo opportunity. With a little ribbon and a few flowers carefully placed on the bike’s frame, you can tie it right into your wedding colors and theme.


  • A horse-drawn carriage: Another wonderful spring wedding getaway option is an open-top horse-drawn carriage, which can come in a variety of styles from the more elegant spring wedding to the more casual spring wedding. Both the horse and the carriage can be simply but beautifully decorated to complement the wedding theme and colors.


  • A classic convertible: A well-chosen, classic convertible can present amazing wedding photo opportunities even before you make your official getaway, and perfectly complement a spring wedding theme that has a nostalgic flare. Whether you choose simple black or white, or you opt for a color that furthers your spring wedding theme, you are sure to make a wonderful, eye-catching statement in your getaway car.


  • A boat: Whether you choose to go with a trendy speedboat, a slower and more romantic paddle boat, a lazy canoe or something else, a boat getaway can be especially appropriate for a casual, waterside wedding–it’s also incredibly unique.


  • A golf cart: A clean, stylish and tastefully-decorated golf cart can make a fantastic spring wedding getaway car, especially when the embarkation and destination locations are close together, as occurs when a wedding ceremony and reception are held on the same property and are only a short distance from one another.


  • A pedi-cab: Using a pedi-cab for a spring wedding getaway car allows you to sit back and relax with your new spouse, while making a quiet, smooth and comfortable getaway. You can select a pedi-cab that complements your wedding theme and colors and simply hang a matching “Just Married” sign off the back, or you can add a touch of color with ribbons and flowers.


  • A vespa: A vespa is another cute, intimate way to make your getaway, and while they come in a wide selection of wonderful spring-appropriate colors, they can also be very subtly decorated to complement your wedding theme.

Making your wedding getaway is definitely a memorable moment, for both you and your guests. Choosing a unique getaway vehicle that fits your spring wedding theme can bring a beautiful conclusion to an amazing event and allow you to embark upon your new life in style.


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