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Spring is a big wedding season, and quite understandably so. During springtime, the cold weather of winter is finally fading away, trees and flowers are in bloom and animals begin to expand their families. It is the perfect time for new beginnings, new chapters, and therefore the perfect time for a wedding. Whether your wedding and reception is being held indoors or outdoors, Spring can be present throughout your theme.

Spring Wedding Themes

When it comes to considering and choosing a wedding theme for Spring, it can be helpful to think first and foremost of a springtime staple–plants and flowers–and the many colors and decorations that will complement them. This means that fresh greenery and flowers can be added to your bridal hairstyle, to your wedding dress and your bridesmaids’ dresses, down your aisle, on your wedding cake and on your reception tables.

Following are the top five wedding themes you should consider for your Spring wedding:

  1. Teacups and roses. Few things embody the feeling of Spring and a garden party better than teacups and roses. Fortunately, this does not mean that one has to stick with any specific color theme. There is a lot of room to be unique and creative with teacups and roses–from muted pastels to edgier pastels and even to bolder colors. Roses are classic and elegant, and can make up or be part of wedding bouquets, hairstyles, wedding cakes and aisle decor. Carefully selected teacups that complement your wedding colors can be filled with roses to make simple and yet stunning centerpieces for your reception.

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  1. Birds and eggs. Birds and eggs are among the more recognizable elements of Spring, and they can be very tastefully incorporated into a beautiful wedding theme, especially if you have opted for a playful and romantic wedding dress that includes lace, tulle or feathers. Keeping coordinated with your wedding colors, simple bird accents can be added to your wedding invitations and table numbers. Eggs of similar complementary and muted colors can be used to create tasteful and stunning centerpieces, along with some well-chosen flowers. This theme can also be carried very subtly and simply to your wedding cake with beautiful colors and simple, feathery accents.

    photo credit: deerpearlflowers.com
  1. Wildflowers come in a stunning variety of colors, allowing you to step away from the pale pastels that seem to be synonymous with Spring weddings while still conveying the beauty and life of the season. The simple beauty of wildflowers can elevate the elegance of a wedding while keeping it classy and tasteful. From beautiful wildflower bouquets to wildflower accents in your hair; wildflower centerpieces to wildflowers on your wedding cake; even to wildflower seed favor packets for your guests, this is a wedding theme with endless possibilities.

    photo credit: ruffledblog.com
  1. Fresh fruit. Whether sliced or whole, fresh fruit–especially lemons and limes–can provide beautiful color to a Spring wedding. It can also add a wonderful, fresh scent to your reception when used for tasteful decoration on reception food tables and in centerpieces.

    photo credit: womangettingmarried.com
  1. Birch trees. Birch trees provide the perfect blend between elegance and rustic charm, and can add that highly desirable wow factor to any wedding, especially in your reception venue. Whether you choose small birch tree trunks adorned with stunning flower bouquets, thicker trunks with just a few flower accents, a small candlelit tree or even a tree adorned with beautiful hanging decorations, these natural pieces are sure to catch the eye.

    photo credit: deerpearlflowers.com

After reading about these gorgeous top Spring wedding themes, you might have a good idea of what you’d like to do. Choosing all the little detail pieces will be so fun as you plan your big day. And don’t worry, your skilled and experienced wedding coordinator will bring your vision to life the day of by creating the beautiful Spring wedding you dreamed of.


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