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Most people know that a New England fall is unlike any other. Thousands of people, tourists, and locals alike flock to our mountain landscapes over October and November to take in the vibrant foliage via camping, hiking, or scenic drives. But, another season might be even more perfect for weddings than fall—and obviously, we’re talking summer.

The fact that people are significantly happier during the summer months of June, July, and August has been scientifically proven. The warmer temperatures, the extra hours of sunlight, and the limitless options of outdoor activities get people out of the house easier than on a chilly fall day. If you’re still undecided about your date, this post will convince you that summer weddings in New England are top-tier.

More Hours of Sunlight (plus breathtaking sunsets!)

During the Summer Solstice in New England, there are roughly 15 hours of sunshine in 24 hours as opposed to the Winter Solstice when we get roughly 8 hours. Even if you don’t get married on the longest day of the year, you can assume you’ll get more daylight for a summer wedding date instead of a fall or winter one. Even if you wanted to schedule a later ceremony start time, you would still have enough sunlight to do so. Plus, who wouldn’t want the sun setting in the back of all their photos? Talk about dreamy!

Bride and groom kissing in an outdoor New England wedding ceremony in summer
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Bridal portrait outdoor summer wedding in New England
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Warm Weather

Since the weather is almost perfect (emphasis on almost), the possibility of hosting an outdoor ceremony and reception easily turns into a reality. Daily temperatures across June, July, and August average around 72°F with lows around 64°F and highs around 80°F. This means by the time 6 p.m. rolls around and you’re about to walk down the aisle, the weather will still average between 60-70 degrees. At each of Saphire Event Group’s venues Saphire Estate, Avenir, The Villa, and The Lakehouse, we have the option of an outdoor ceremony space. The Villa even has a tent to host your reception outside which wouldn’t make sense for a colder-weather wedding.

Bride and groom pose in forest bathed in sunlight
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More Outfit Options

Since you won’t have to worry about the weather, you’ll be able to freely pick a wedding dress without worrying about practicality (We’re swooning over the back detail on the dress below!) You could go for a dress with a high leg slit, a plunging neckline, or even sheer fabrics or lace overlays that will show a bit of skin, all of which are trending elements of bridal couture this season. You can also ponder the idea of doing short bridesmaids’ dresses which is an untraditional but exciting twist. Lastly, your guests will have to thank you because warmer weather means they’ll have more options in their closet to choose from too!

Bride and bridesmaids smiling on lawn in outdoor summer wedding in New England
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Bride with unique wedding dress back detail
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Limitless Color Palettes

If you have a specific vision in your mind for your décor and floral arrangements, the summer months will give you the most options to pick from. Your accent hue could be coral or yellow which makes a bit more sense for a summer wedding rather than a winter one. Popular summer flowers include daisies, hydrangeas, and sunflowers, all of which are versatile and can be utilized in many different wedding styles. You can also select bright flowers for your bouquets to add an extra pop. The summer season also means the grounds at all of our venues will be in full bloom, serving as the perfect backdrop for all your photos.

bridesmaids holding bright floral bouquets for outdoor wedding in New England
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Bride and bridesmaids smiling on bridge in outdoor wedding ceremony
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Multi-Day Guest Experiences

When you hear the word summer, does your brain immediately think of vacation? If so, you aren’t alone because June and July are among the most popular months to book a relaxing getaway.  There are quite a few holidays during the summer which allow you to plan events and activities for your guests that span across an entire weekend (like restaurant hopping and sightseeing) rather than just for a few hours on your actual wedding day. This is a great way to encourage both families to connect and explore together. It may also increase turnout because asking guests to travel to you is much easier when snow and rain aren’t in the mix.

Outdoor Summer Wedding in New England
Morgan O’Neil

Summer is an exceptionally beautiful time of year in New England. Now that colder days are behind you, spending time outdoors allows you to feel the warmth from the sun on your skin along with a refreshing breeze gently blowing in from the coast. While these aren’t the all reasons that summer weddings in New England are ideal, we think these five are the most important. If the prospect of a bright color palette or enjoying weekend-long nuptials isn’t enough to convince you, the prospect of a sunny and warm wedding day should do the trick.

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