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It’s that time of the year again! Here at Saphire Event Group, we’ve seen the full spectrum of wedding colors at our four Massachusetts wedding venues, and have put together our top 2025 wedding colors for the upcoming wedding season! 

The color palette for your wedding is more important than you might think. Color can elevate the mood of a space completely, and create a cohesive look for your decor and wedding photos!

While the classic black and white wedding color scheme will always stand the test of time, in 2023, Saphire Event Group couples have blown us away with creative, vibrant, and luxurious wedding color palettes. We’re so excited to share some of our absolute favorites that we think will be trending in 2025!

From deep jewel tones to subtle neutral shades, read on for all of the 2025 wedding color inspiration you’ll need! 


Peach-Inspired Wedding Color Palette

peach 2025 wedding colors palette
Angelina Rose Photography 

This color palette is a warmer, brighter take on an earth-toned and neutral color selection. While still very organic and soft, these colors are fresh, bright, and as sweet as a peach! The combination of vibrant oranges and muted, warm pinks with Pantone’s 2024 Color of The Year, Peach Fuzz, creates a wedding color palette that is cohesive, soft, and sure to be all the rage in 2025. 

Angelina Rose Photography 
Julie Anna Wong
Elizabeth Willis Photography
Bride and Bridesmaids Outside Laughing Rose Gold Color Palette
Emily Em Photography
Bride Holding Bouquet Outside Orange and Peach Color Palette
Trevor Holden Media
Bride and Bridesmaids Outside Mismatched Dresses
Sydney K. Andrew Photography


Neutrals-Inspired Color Palette

Neutral 2025 wedding colors palette
Natasha Yeung Photography

This wedding color palette is organic, natural, and earthy. Playing with warmer vs. cooler tones of beige, tan, nude, or taupe in florals, decorations, and wedding party attire creates a palette that is clean, effortless, and timeless. Adding darker greens, cream, ivory, and even bright white can help incorporate depth and contrast in this neutral 2024 color scheme. 

Wedding Pergola Decor and Aisle Neutral Color Scheme
Oksana Miro Creative 
Bride and Bridesmaids Outdoor Wedding Nude Color Palette
Mary Morgan Photography
Bride and Bridesmaids Hands Up Tan Wedding Dresses
Klaar Photography
Wedding Party At The Lakehouse Nude Color Palette
Photography By Bri 
Wedding Place Setting Decor
Jess Biancardi Photography 
Bride and Bridesmaids Outside At The Villa Neutral Wedding COlor Palette
Mackenzie Walton Photography


Dark Green-Inspired Wedding Color Palette

2025 wedding colors using dark green palette
Rachel Marie Photos

This color palette revolves around deep, dark greens (think emerald or pine) and a pop of bright contrasting color. Deep green table linens, bridesmaid dresses, and suit jackets create a rich backdrop for brighter colors like hot pinks, oranges, or even gold details. This color scheme is perfect for playing with colors and textures, and the photos truly speak for themselves. We see this color palette thriving in 2025! 

Bride and Groom Kissing With Wedding Party Dark Green Palette
Bella Gavini Photography
Bride and Groom Kissing Under Avenir Pergola
Angelina Rose Photography
Groom Wearing Dark Green Color Wedding Suit
Angelina Rose Photography
Bride and Bridesmaids Pink and Green Color Palette
Elyse Pono Photography
Green and Gold Sweetheart Table Setting
Bella Gavini Photography

Blush and Blue-Inspired 2025 Wedding Colors

blue and blush colors for 2025 weddings
Kelly Pomeroy Photography

This color combination is light and whimsical, reminiscent of springtime, blue skies, and fresh flowers. There are endless complementary shade options, from dusty blue and pastel pink to deep sapphire and peachy tones. Adding subtle blue accents to abundant pink florals adds balance and variety to your decor, while blue linens and dresses can bring an air of sophistication to a light pink color scheme. 

Bride and Bridesmaids Holding Pink Bouquets
Nina Weinstein Photography
Pink and Blue Wedding Details Flat Lay
Shannon O’Neill Photography
Blue Sweetheart Table Decor Wedding Reception
Anna Ivanova Photo & Film
Bride and Groom Wearing Blue Suit
617 Weddings
Bride and Bridesmaid Bouquets
Heather Bronson Photography
Blue and Pink Pastel Wedding Reception Decor
CityLux Studios


Fall-Inspired Wedding Color Palette

dark fall color inspiration for 2025 wedding colors
Tammara Jade Media

While this palette features popular fall colors, we’re finding these deep jewel-toned reds, oranges, greens, and maroons increasingly popular all year long! We’re not complaining- this rustically elegant color scheme is perfect for getting creative with bridesmaid dress textures, unique floral elements, and a dark and moody wedding aesthetic. Plus, it photographs beautifully against the lush greenery at each of our venues!

Bride and Bridesmaids Outside Deep Fall Color Palette
Francielle Santo Photography
Bride and Bridesmaids Orange Colors Bouquets
Once Like A Spark
Fall Pergola Decor at Saphire Estate
Mercedes Baker Photography
Bride and Bridesmaids Outside at Avenir in fall colored bridesmaid dresses
Photography By Bri
Fall Color Palette Bridal Bouquet
Photography By Bri
Bride and Bridesmaids Holding Bouquets Fall Color Palette
The Perfet Photo

True Red-Inspired Wedding Color Palette

2025 wedding colors of red and blush and green
Turning the Paige Photography

Bright, romantic red brings elegance and even a little drama to a wedding color scheme. Rose petals, bridesmaid dresses, and table settings are all excellent places to add a touch of true red to your wedding. White linens, drapery, and roses are the perfect contrasting elements for this classic color palette. Bring on the romance! 

Bridesmaids at Wedding Ceremony Wearing Red Dresses
Chelsea Nitzken Photography
Red Wedding Reception Centerpiece
Brian Keith Media
Bride and Bridesmaids with Red Bouquets
Nicole Adrienne Photography
Bride and Groom at Indian Wedding at Avenir Walpole
P. Taufiq Photography
Red Bridal Bouquet
Blueflash Photography
Red and White Wedding Reception Centerpiece
Turning the Paige Photography


Did you enjoy viewing all the different 2025 wedding colors?  There are so many great options!

We hope that these gave you some great ideas as you start to plan your wedding! If you’re interested in starting your wedding venue search, we have a few different wedding venues on-site with dates available. Our four different Massachusetts wedding venues are: Avenir, Saphire Estate, The Villa, and The Lakehouse. Each venue is very unique! Schedule a tour today to see if one might be the perfect fit!

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