Beautiful Renovations at Avenir, formerly Raffael's Walpole

At Saphire Event Group, keeping our South Shore wedding venues maintained with fresh, well-appointed, and up-to-date surroundings is something that is a huge priority for our team. We’ve taken on many renovation projects over the years at our three properties (you may remember the nine-month construction of our new separate cocktail space at Saphire Estate). When the coronavirus pandemic hit earlier this year, it seemed like everyone wanted to use this unexpected chunk of free time to tackle some home renovation projects, and SEG was no exception! Since we weren’t able to host events or tours for a few months, it seemed like the perfect time to complete a few items on our wish list at our newest venue Avenir. Let’s check out some of the recent updates to this space!

First, it seems only fitting to start at the very beginning to see how far we’ve come since acquiring this property in the summer of 2018. Formerly Raffael’s of Walpole, we immediately saw loads of opportunity for this expansive venue. It just needed a little bit of that SEG touch!

Raffael’s Walpole Ballroom Before:
ballroom before renovations
Iris MacKinnon Photography

Early on, our team knew there some major design elements we wanted to update in creating a new modern, glamorous feel in the space. We started by removing the divider and subsequent hallway (from the days when the room would be split in two for smaller events) switching up the draperies, applying a fresh coat of paint throughout the entire ballroom (including the bar), investing in new white Chiavari chairs, adding pendants over the bar area, and installing an electronic curtain that can be used to conceal the main ballroom as guests head to the terrace for cocktail hour, allowing couples to have a “big reveal” when it’s time for the reception to begin. One of the biggest changes though came in the form of a brand-new mother-of-pearl dance floor, which makes this SEG property totally unique (as our other venues feature darker wood floors).

Avenir Ballroom After:

raffael's walpole is now Avenir wedding venue

While the new dance floor was initially installed in early 2019, we used the downtime during quarantine to get it in tip-top shape, perfectly buffed and as shiny as it’s ever been!

Another big change in Avenir’s ballroom is the installation of new panels on the main wall behind where the sweetheart table typically goes. After deliberating for quite some time over what the perfect use of this space would be, our design team settled on these amazing graphic pieces that add a whole new layer of texture.

New wall decorations at Avenir, formerly raffael's walpole

One thing you may not have noticed is a new thicker crown molding around the top of the room where the walls meet the ceiling (don’t believe us? Check out the original pic above to see what a difference it makes!).

ballroom wedding reception venue at raffael's walpole

The ballroom isn’t the only space at Avenir that benefited from the unexpected downtime we found ourselves experiencing recently. Even our lobby received an upgrade with some new seating, a gorgeous marble table for place cards, updated doors with intricate circular panel design, plus a show-stopping chandelier.

The Raffael’s Walpole Lobby Before:
Mel Colvin Photography
Avenir Lobby After:

lobby at Avenir wedding venue

And of course, we couldn’t leave you without some photos of the newly-renovated women’s restrooms at Avenir! While this project was completed before the pandemic, you may have not yet seen our glam bathroom update which included fully gutting the previous space and replacing everything with modern fixtures, new marble tiling, and a color scheme that coordinates with the rest of the venue.

renovated restrooms

And finally, we know you never get a second chance to make a first impression, which is why we couldn’t wait to show off our new sign featuring the Avenir logo and branding!

Raffael’s Walpole Sign Before:

Avenir Sign After:

Avenir wedding venue sign from the street

Want to see some of these improvements in person? Schedule a tour today of Avenir! Just click here to tell us more about your event and a member of our Sales team will get in touch with you ASAP.

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