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At Saphire Event Group, we know that booking your wedding vendors can be overwhelming! We’ve used our expert knowledge of the wedding industry to create a detailed list of the most important questions to ask wedding vendors before booking, such as potential florists, musicians, venues, photographers, and more! 

Questions to Ask Wedding Vendors:

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  • Is my wedding date available? 

    • This is the best place to start! Before getting your hopes up for a vendor you love, make sure they’re actually available for your wedding date! 
  • Do you carry liability insurance?

    • Most venues will require vendors to have liability insurance, so check with yours and ask your vendors if they carry it to be on the safe side! 
  • What happens if you’re sick or have an emergency on the day of my event? 

    • Many vendors have local connections with similar styles that can be offered as a backup in case of an emergency, or additional team members to fill in! 
  • Have you worked with my venue before?

    • Some vendors are preferred by different venues, and it can be helpful to have a vendor who already knows their way around! If a vendor hasn’t worked there before, you can ask your venue if it’s possible for them to scope the property out before your wedding date to get an idea of what the space is like! 
  • Do you charge a travel, transportation, or set-up fee?

    • This is an important question to ask and to plan for in your vendor budget! 
  • Can you work within my budget/do you have a budget minimum I need to meet in order to book?

    • Many vendors can adjust their services to fit a specific budget, but it’s important to ask if there is a minimum you need to reach in order to book with them. 
  • When will I receive a contract from you? 

    • Make sure you have time to fully read and understand your contracts before signing! Avoid booking vendors who don’t offer contracts, as contracts protect both the vendor and the client. 
  • Do you have any dietary restrictions?

    • This is a question that should be asked after booking any vendors that will be on-site for the day of your event (photographer, videographer, musicians, etc.). You should expect to offer these vendors a meal during the event, as well as any teammates they bring along! 

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Questions to Ask Wedding Photographers

Your photographer and videographer can be some of the most important vendors for your wedding day! Here are some important questions to ask them before you decide to reserve your date:

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  • How will you be storing our data? 

    • Will they be using backup memory cards and batteries? Will they be deleting the original files? This can be a sign of your photographer’s experience, and the kind of protection your data has in the event of lost or broken equipment 
  • Will we have the printing rights to our photos?

    • Usually, photographers will share rights with couples for their wedding photos, but this is not always the case. It’s a good idea to ask if you’ll have printing rights, or must print exclusively through the photographer. 
  • What time frame should I expect for my full gallery to be prepared/sneak peeks to be received?

    • This question is a great way to ensure you’re on the same page with your photographer after the wedding! 
  • Ask to see a full gallery of a recent wedding they’ve shot.

    • This will give you an idea of their editing, posing, and shooting style, as well as give you an idea of the types of shots they prioritize. Every photographer is different! You can also ask if they’ve worked at your venue and if you could see a gallery from that event! 
  • Can you recommend a videographer that you love to work with?

    • Coordination between photographers and videographers is important on your wedding day! It’s also a great idea to ask your photographer to recommend any preferred videographers who they have enjoyed working with 
  • Do you require a travel fee?

    •  For couples booking an out-of-state or destination photographer, this is really important to ask about and include in your wedding budget!
  • What is your retouching policy?

    • Each photographer has a different philosophy on retouching, and couples do as well. It’s always a good idea to share the level of retouching you’re comfortable with on your photos so that you love your gallery! Some photographers will do minor retouches for free (exit signs, flyaway hairs, etc.), but retouching can cost extra, so it’s always a good idea to double-check! 
  • How many hours of coverage do you offer?

    • Photographers may offer a range of hours of coverage in their wedding packages. Depending on the number of photographs you’re hoping to receive, it may be best to book with a photographer who offers a full-day package! 


Questions to Ask Wedding Florists

Bride and bridesmaids holding beautiful wedding flowers
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  • What flowers do they recommend based on budget, season, color palette, or longevity?

    • Floral experts can be extremely helpful in ensuring you get the most beautiful, long-lasting arrangements possible within your budget- all you need to do is ask! 
  • Do you have other decor items (vases, candles, pedestals, etc.) available for rent?

    • Some florists will provide their own vases, some will rent them, and some will expect you to provide your own. It comes down to the vendor, so make sure you know the full extent of the package they offer before signing a contract. In the event that your floral artists exclusively offer florals, ask if they can recommend a decor vendor that you can rent or buy from! 
  • How do you handle delivery, set up, and takedown of floral decor?

    • At Saphire Event group, we ask that couples book a florist who will repurpose decor from ceremony to reception and return for pick-up at the end of the night! 
  • Are you available to repurpose the flowers after the ceremony?

    • Florists can offer only one set-up time or will stay through the ceremony to repurpose your florals for the reception for an extra fee. It all depends on the package you book, so be sure to ask if you’re planning to reuse florals in your reception! Some venues and event planners are also willing to assist with repurposing florals, so don’t be afraid to ask! 

Questions to Ask Wedding Musicians

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  • Can we see your current song rotation?

    • You can follow up this question with, “What are your biggest crowd-pleasers?” to determine if the band you’re looking at will match your own music preferences and style. This is also a good time to ask if they can play your favorite songs, and if you can provide a Do-Not-Play list for your reception! 
  • Do you take song requests?

    • One of the most essential considerations in choosing a band is their ability to read the room and get people dancing. Taking song requests, and generally matching the crowd’s energy, is something you want to look for in a wedding band. 
  • Do you offer overtime clauses?

    • If you’re not ready for the night to end, it’s a comfort to know that the band or DJ is willing to stick around for an extra thirty minutes to an hour and to know what the overtime fee will look like. However, venues can be strict about ending events on time, so discuss this possibility with every vendor necessary before keeping the party going. 
  • Can we watch you perform?

    • Many bands will perform public shows and attending these performances to make sure you vibe with the style and songs they perform is just as important as asking for portfolios from other vendors!  
  • Are you willing to serve as an emcee?

    • Many bands and DJs will agree to serve as a master of ceremonies for your reception and announce the couple, first dances, and speeches, but it’s a good idea to double-check rather than assume this is included in their service. 
  • How do you manage breaks during your performance?

    • Depending on the number of performers and length of performance, one or all of the musicians may need to take a break during the reception. Experienced bands and DJs will have a plan in place to accommodate these breaks and be willing to coordinate with your wedding planner or event producer to keep the reception running smoothly! 


Questions to Ask Wedding Hair and Make-Up Artists

Bride Getting Makeup Done by Wedding Makeup Artists
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  • Are you working on any other events on the day of my wedding?

    • This is an important question as you’ll want to plan the logistics of your wedding prep and ensure you’ll have enough time to get dolled up! 
  • Does your package include a makeup trial?

    • A trial for your wedding makeup is super important! Sometimes the vision you have for your wedding make-up doesn’t come out the way you expected, and this is a great opportunity to work with your hair and make-up artists on achieving your dream look. 
  • Are you willing to use my products?

    • Many artists prefer to use their own make-up products in order to be consistent with the quality of their work. If there is a specific product or brand you love to use, it’s good to ask your artist what they’re comfortable with and bring it along to your make-up trial!
  • Do you offer touch-ups on the day of?

    • There’s always a good chance of tears at a wedding, so finding an artist who is willing to stick around and touch up their work after the ceremony can be very reassuring. 
  • How much time/space do you need?

    • This is really important to keep in mind when scheduling your wedding prep. At Saphire Event Group venues, we offer wedding suites to couples 60 to 90 minutes prior to the ceremony for finishing touches and ask that all hair and makeup be done at your getting-ready location, so it’s important to know how much time your stylists will need! 
  • What products do you use?

    • If you’re someone with sensitive skin, or allergies, or are committed to cruelty-free or vegan products, this is a super important question to ask before booking a make-up artist or hair stylist! 
  • Can you do my wedding hair/do you have a preferred stylist team?

    • If you’re a bride who prefers a one-stop shop, there are many make-up artists with experience in wedding hair as well! Experienced wedding make-up artists can often recommend a talented hair professional that they enjoy working with if they exclusively offer make-up services. 

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