Making Waves: 5 Creative Nautical Wedding Ideas

There’s a trend making waves on the wedding horizon: nautical-themed weddings. 

photo credit: George Street Photo

When it comes to elegant details for wedding perfection, nature sets the stage for you: a sunset by the harbor, a water-hued horizon or that sea-foam breeze, (the look they create with industrial-grade fans on the sets of Hollywood movies, provided by nature for free).

Beyond the inherent gorgeousness of a water-filled backdrop, here are five creative ways for your nautical Boston wedding to go off without a hitch!

1. Set a Seaport Scene

How you incorporate the seaside into your wedding is up to you and your groom-to-be.  A variety of spectacular wedding venues are near the seaport.

-A beautifully set rehearsal dinner on the dock can set the tone for your upcoming nuptials.

-A seaport wedding itself, as you tie the knot beneath a canopy, can make for a breathtaking ceremony.

-If you prefer to host the service indoors, you can still opt for an outside reception by the shore, setting the perfect backdrop.

-You can time the sunset for your ceremony or for gorgeous, dramatic wedding photos by the seaport.

-Consider a wedding boat for your ceremony or for dancing and partying on the water.

2. Lovely by the Lake

A coastal location is not necessary to have the perfect waterfront backdrop. Choose a venue on a lake or pond to capture the same nautical magic.

-Sailboat in the distance-check, beautiful blue water-check, stealing a kiss from your love- double check!!

-As they say, “Timing is everything!” and that never rang true more than for wedding photos! Stunning sunsets make for the most dramatic waterfront photos.

Do we have you thinking about a lakefront wedding? Trust us, you’ll LOVE it!


3. Host a Harbor Wedding 

The Boston Harbor, with its intersection of historical and current architecture and culture, makes for a memorable ceremony.  Consider a Boston Harbor wedding when you tie the knot.

Nearby indoor locales with the harbor as a backdrop can also place you near the harbor.

4. Know Your Knots 

When you tie the knot at your seaside or harbor locale, consider incorporating actual knots—nothing says a nautical lifelong tie, like a fisherman’s knot.

-A cake with knots, what’s not to love?

-A casual seaside service, with driftwood decor, can elevate the scene while connecting guests to your theme.

Wedding hair, with a nautical theme: an elevated fishtail braid, a bit of fishnet, or a knotted band in the bride’s hair.

Anchor your love with anchors in your decor: they fit the theme, work well with knots, and make for a beautiful accent shape.

5. Dress Blues

Something old, something new, something borrowed, and something navy blue (And a silver sixpence in her shoe)?  Even if you don’t choose to keep with the traditional wedding rhyme, you’ll fall in love with these beautiful blues.

-Traditional navy blue or sailor inspired bridesmaids dresses fit the occasion and give it whimsical flair.

-Stripes of navy blue add a touch of drama, while keeping with traditional seaside nautical imagery.

-Traditional dress blues aren’t the only appropriate hue, though.  Any blue, even a soft washed sea-glass, can complement a seaport wedding.

Of course, you’re not bound by blue.  Soft rose pinks, one of the hottest color trends of the season, go well with navy blue or on their own with neutrals like white, gold and cream.

and for good luck…Sail Off Into the Sunset 

Even if you opted for an indoor service, consider a cruise for your reception or after party.

Or simply make your escape, departing on a boat with a “Just Married” sign on the back and your new spouse by your side.

You can even consider continuing the nautical theme, with a watery honeymoon.  A trip to the Caribbean, an Alaskan cruise or a trip to Venice are all popular honeymoon ideas that will become part of your nautical-wedding memories for many years to come.

All of those spectacular designs, documented by guests and your chosen photographer, will look timeless as you prepare to spend a lifetime together.


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