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As spooky season is now officially underway, we thought this would be the perfect time to talk about a trending wedding aesthetic that we LOVE. 

A dark and moody wedding plays with deeper color tones, contrasting neutrals, vintage or film-style photography, and an alternative to traditional wedding accents (think dried florals instead of fresh). This aesthetic can look very different depending on the vibe and personality of a couple, so we pulled inspiration that can help build this specific aesthetic in a variety of ways! 

Bride and Groom Dark and Moody Aesthetic Outdoor Portrait Kissing
Genevieve Photography
Bride and Groom Walking Portrait Dark and Moody Aesthetic
Jessica R & Nicholas G 5/13/23

What does “dark and moody” mean?

A dark and moody wedding aesthetic is, at its core, the opposite of light and airy – many specific styles can fall into this category, from gothic-inspired to dark academia, but they all share a few key characteristics that can be built upon with accents, photography, and lighting.

Whether you want all the spooky, witchy vibes or wedding photos with deep, rich colors and shadows, we have all the tips and tricks you need to achieve this wedding look! 

Bride and Groom Outdoor Portraits Dark and Moody Aesthetic
Tammara Jade Photo

If you love rich colors, deep shadows, and a little drama, this aesthetic is for you. An essential part of any wedding day is choosing a photographer who matches your style and can see the vision you have for your wedding album. Photographers with darker, moodier styles are going to give you the results you want and highlight all of the other aesthetic touches you implement. 

Using the phrase “dark and moody” is a great way to let your photographer know the style of editing you’re looking for, and can help your event producers and vendors provide you with the best options for florals, lighting, and more! Pro tip: ask about adding in a few candid, blurry shots, muted tones, and editing with an added grain to play up the drama even more! 

Bride and Groom Dark and Moody Sepia Portrait Laughing Outside
J and J Photography
Bride and Groom Walking Down Street to Saphire Estate Twilight Dark and Moody Portrait
Created Coastal Photography
Bride and Groom Under Warmly Lit Archway Dark and Moody Portrait
Diana Z & Sean S The Villa- Madera 8/20/22
Bride and groom Kiss in Front of Cheering Wedding Party Dark and Mood Portrait
MB Photo 

Dark and Moody Florals

While we’re on the subject, we want to point out that your choice of florals can make a huge difference in creating the perfect “moody” aesthetic. There are many ways to incorporate this style into your florals, from using darker versions of traditional romance flowers (think deep burgundy or even black roses) to playing with neutrals, pale pinks, and beiges that provide contrast for deeper wedding colors. Plus, they look incredible next to dark accents like black table numbers! 

Neutral Florals Rose Next To Black Table Numbers
J and J Photography

dark and moody color accents using flowers and accessories

Bride and Groom with Orange and Green Florals Dark and Moody Portrait
Tammara Jade Photo

In place of fresh flowers, dried flowers or grasses can make an interesting aesthetic choice! 

Neutral Dried Grasses and Florals Centerpieces
Cami P. Photography

If flowers aren’t your thing, or you want to play on the more mystical vibes of this aesthetic, check out these crystal bouquets by Washington-based floral artist Veronica Franklin  – they’re absolutely gorgeous and can even be custom-ordered. 

Dark and moody wedding bouquet with dark crystals

Pink and Maroon Rose Quartz Bouquet
Veronica Franklin

Dark and Moody Wedding Color Inspiration

Choosing your color palette is one of the most fun and creative parts of wedding planning! Some palettes that work well with a dark and moody wedding aesthetic include deeper, darker tones of contrasting colors: mustard yellow and indigo, deep maroon and pine green, and dusky orange paired with a dark teal are all spectacular combinations that photograph beautifully. We put together example palettes from photos in this article for some inspiration! 

Dark and moody color palette with deep naturals

There are thousands of shades and colors that will compliment a dark and moody aesthetic, so don’t feel limited to only neutrals or dark tones (unless that’s what you like!) This style can also work well with both cool and warm tones, so don’t be scared to experiment! 

Guests and gowns

A cohesive color palette helps with the composition of your wedding photos and wedding party attire is an important part of that composition. After all, you want to be seen among the crowd of your loved ones! Black bridesmaid dresses have been incredibly popular for the 2023 wedding season, and it’s easy to see why; black is timeless, and flattering, and can elevate this aesthetic to be more formal and elegant. 

White Rose Boutonniere Close Up
Move Mountains Co.
Bride and Bridesmaids Black Dresses in Front of Fireplace
Haley Rome Photo

However, we love seeing other colors come together for the wedding party; dark green, terracotta, and even white are all beautiful complimentary colors for this aesthetic! 

Birde and Bridesmaids From Behind Dark and Moody Portrait
Candid Memories Studio
Bride and Bridesmaids in Red Outdoor Dark and Moody Portrait
Tammara Jade Photo
Bride and Groom Kissing in Front of Wedding with a moody filter
J and J Photography

If you’re looking to shake it up a bit, we also love metallic accents for bridal party attire – rose gold, silver, copper, or bronze, a little shimmer adds dimension and drama!

Bride and Groom Kissing in Front of Cheering Wedding Party
Sheila Torres Photography

When it comes to guests, one way to enhance your photos is sending a request for attire to be within the color palette you’ve chosen (or as close as possible) – while every guest may not be able to match your colors, those that do will effortlessly compliment your aesthetic and help your photographer work their magic! 

Special touches

There are endless ways to build the perfect dark and moody wedding aesthetic with your accents. Invitations, welcome signs, place settings, centerpieces, seating charts, and wedding favors; every detail works together to create the perfect vibe for your wedding. Don’t be afraid to be bold with your accent choices! 

Black and White Table Setting with Graphic
J and J Photography
Table Setting With Black Accents
Candid Memories Studio
Elegant Black and White Wedding Invitation
Sheila Torres Photography
Dark and Moody Flatlay with Red and Gold Accents
Tammara Jade Photo

We love the idea of using a vintage car to get that old Hollywood glamour feel! 

Bride and Groom Black and White Portrait Kissing in the Back of a Vintage Rolls Royce
Nicole Pelissier Photography
Bride and Groom Portrait in Front of White Vintage Rolls Royce
Turning the Paige Photography

Or, you can play up the spookiness of fall with a fun sign!

Red Neon Sign Reads Til Death With Bride and Groom Skeleton Figurines
Alex Iby Photography

Candles are another detail that adds romance and drama (not to mention the most gorgeous mood lighting) to any event, but we are especially fond of seeing them used in a dark and moody setting. From floating candles to tealights, this is one special touch that you shouldn’t miss. 

White Candles With Black Accents
Sheila Torres Photography
Black Candles with Gold Accents
Montenegro Photography
White Candles With Silver Accents and Florals
J and J Photography
Black personalized Candle Wedding Favor
Riany Haffey Photography

We can’t wait to see more dark and moody weddings at our MA wedding venues this fall, and to see what new aesthetics and trends 2024 has in store! 

For more dark and moody inspiration, check out our portfolios for Marley & Kevin and Jenna & Peter!


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