Bon Voyage! The History of the Honeymoon


This week we’re wondering: What is the history of the honeymoon and its original meaning?

Like so many of the other wedding traditions we’ve researched in the past, there doesn’t seem to be a simple answer to this week’s question. However, we figured we’d take a crack at it just for you. Yes, you. You’re very welcome.

history of the honeymoon

Some say the honeymoon once signified the period of time post-wedding when the groom would keep his new wife in hiding.The aim of the hideaway was to keep the bride separated from her family until she was impregnated. An awfully romantic premise, eh? Others claim the term originally referred to the newlywed ritual of drinking a cup of mead (fermented honeyed wine) each day for a month.
history of the honeymoon

While the true history of the honeymoon can’t seem to be pinpointed, the next element seems to be readily agreed upon. At start of the 19th Century, newly married European couples started popularizing the travel trend. Often accompanied by other family members (so much for romance!), many newlyweds would visit friends and family who had not been able to attend the wedding.
history of the honeymoon

By the end of the 19th Century, married couples started to ditch their families and journey alone. While virtually any spot of the globe is acceptable for a honeymoon these days, the French Riviera and Italy were two of the hottest spots for romantic getaways back in the day.
history of the honeymoon

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By: Kelly Hamilton

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