Top 5: Alternative Wedding Attire for Grooms

Brides think they have it rough with all the style decisions they have to make, but imagine feeling like you have no options at all. We reckon that’s how most grooms feel. All too often they’re bombarded with the same cookie-cutter look- black suit, white shirt, solid color tie and black dress shoes. Of course some grooms could care less about what they wear, but what about those grooms who have their own strong fashion sense?

If your husband-to-be wants to have some say in what he sports at the wedding, don’t make him feel like you’re his mother; let him pick out his outfit. Sure there can be compromise and discussion, but remember, he didn’t exactly handpick your gown, so in all fairness, you shouldn’t be able to select every piece of his ensemble if he doesn’t want you to. As long as you’re both satisfied and somewhat coordinated in your final looks, you can take a deep breath, because your pictures are going to look just perfect. We promise.

Here are five examples of alternative wedding attire for grooms

1. Patterned Suit
There’s no denying this look is bold. We rarely see celebrities working the red carpet in suits like this, nevermind grooms walking down the aisle. However, as eccentric as this look may be, we think it coordinates effortlessly with the bride’s risk-taking bohemian ensemble.

2. Khakis and a Vest
Suspenders seem to be making a quiet comeback, and this groom’s party took full advantage of this trend’s subtle reemergence. All the men stuck to dark colored khakis, which blended beautifully with the outdoorsy nature of the ceremony. To stand out from the rest of his buddies, the groom dressed up the look a bit with a grey wool vest.

Alternative Wedding Attire for Groom
3. Hat and Decorative Socks:
We’re not entirely sure how well this groom’s look will age, but for year 2012 he’s looking fly. Without the hat, this groom would look fairly classic, but rocking a chocolate brown fedora seems to be an ode to his fellow hipsters. The groom throws a final fashion curve ball with his unconventional sock choice, but luckily these can be easily hidden if the bride isn’t a fan.

4. Bright Colored Pants:
Being from New England, we’ve seen this look before. By pairing two East Coast staples together, a navy blazer with colored khakis, this groom created the ultimate prepster getup. The best part? The salmon shade picked up the pinks in his bride’s bouquet.

Alternative Wedding Attire for Groom
5. Sweaters and Sneakers:
This look may be way too casual for some, but we think these boys cleaned up pretty nicely, even if they are just wearing jeans. Love the idea of a nice cashmere v-neck sweater matched with a tie, but loathe the thought of denim and sneakers? Nix the bottom half and replace it with clean pressed dress pants and newly shined shoes.

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By: Kelly Hamilton

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