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Introducing the secret rainbow wedding gown

The colored tulle trend is a modern twist on delicacy and a sugar sweet way for the bride to show her love for all things unique.
rainbow wedding gown

Dyeing the tulle alone allows for complete control of the desired peekaboo effect. Some brides choose to leave the tulle layer noticeably longer than the hemline of the dress itself, while others make the color virtually invisible to an eye’s quick glance. It’s all about the bride’s intended level of fashion drama.
rainbow wedding gown

As much as we fancy the look, we can’t help wondering if it is here to stay or if the color splash will fade away after a few more repins on Pinterest. Many ladies seem in favor of the trend in various Internet forums, but we wonder how many of them would actually take the plunge and let bold color contrast with their pristine gowns. Sure it’s cute and playful, but is it timeless? When you look back at your photographs will you think “Awesome!” or “I wish it didn’t look like I stained my dress with Skittles!”?
rainbow wedding gown

We think it truly depends on how well the trend is played out. We’ve seen this trend look completely fantastic, and, on the flip side of the coin, entirely tacky. The real question is…would you wear it?

rainbow wedding gown

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By: Kelly Hamilton

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