A Great Alternative to Heels: Wedding Shoe Flats

It’s pretty clear we love (love, love, love!) high heels. We are always posting our most fabulous shoe finds on Facebook and Twitter and have dedicated entire blog entries to the topic. It is this very obsession that has led us to determine we have indeed neglected an entire realm of fabulousness…the land of flat shoes. For as long as we can remember, heels have been the go-to shoe style for any woman looking to feel sexy.  But these days, heels aren’t the only shoes that sparkle. In fact, the repertoire of available wedding shoe flats is expanding and shows no signs of slowing down. But do wedding shoe flats equal frumpy? Girl, please. If you answered yes to that question, you must be living IN a shoebox instead of looking at them.

Our favorite wedding shoe flats


1. Can’t find the perfect pair of flats for those little princess feet of yours? Well, you could always invest in some custom, hand-painted ones!

2. All the other flats a little too tame for your taste, wild thing? Some royal purple velvet and peacock feathers might just do the trick.

3. Did we miss something? Since when did the king of high heels start designing chic flats? These Christian Louboutin’s spell LOVE- literally.

4. Eco-friendly approved with a touch of mint flavor, these little cuties will get you in the good graces of Mother Earth.

5. Not only do these shoes sparkle, they also support a good cause. By purchasing these shoes, you guarantee a new pair of TOMS will be delivered to a child in need.

By: Kelly Hamilton 

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