6 Stunning "Just Married" Wedding Cars

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We normally throw a little history your way every couple weeks, but this time around we decided we were bored with all the words and wanted to present you with a picture book of sorts.

Years ago, the wedding car was actually a carriage. The carriage was drawn by grey horses, who were considered to be good luck charms. If by chance the carriage came upon other grey horses on the way to the reception, it was considered even greater luck. Conversely, if the horses resisted drawing the carriage to the reception, bad luck was thought to ensue.

Once the motor was invented, newlyweds started hitting the pedal instead of hitching the horses. The new form of transportation came in with flair, stirring up a new tradition of vehicle decor. Flowers and homemade “Just Married” banners are two of the most popular car ornament choices. Tin cans hung from the bumper are meant to clink loudly against the pavement, in turn warding off evil spirits from the happy couple.

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By: Kelly Hamilton

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