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We recently took to the Saphire Event Group Facebook page to propose the following question about tattooed brides: “To ink or not to ink? Would you wear your body art proudly or cover it up for your wedding?”

The Answer
The final answer was unanimous- wear it proud.  Samantha said, “It’s who you are. You shouldn’t have to cover it up,” while Krystle spoke from experience, agreeing with Samantha and stating, “Wear them proud- I did!” More and more brides (and grooms!) are taking pride in exhibiting their most precious art on their big day, and why not?

But Are Tattoos Taboo?
In case you haven’t noticed, we’ll let you in on a secret…tattoos are no longer off limits. Tattoos have gone from tsk tsk to a legitimate art form, letting people express themselves in one of the most personal ways possible. Since you all embraced our Facebook post with such open hearts, we thought we’d give you a little inspiration and demonstrate how women truly of all shapes and sizes are tattooed brides.

What Kind of Brides Have Tattoos?
Military Bride
Military Brides

Dainty Bride
Dainty Brides

Retro Bride
Retro Brides

Rock n' Roll Bride
Rock n’ Roll Brides

Elegant Bride
Elegant Brides

Romantic Bride
Romantic Brides

Of course, these are just a few examples of the different kinds of brides who rock tattoos. There were just too many beautiful pictures to share all in one place!

Would you ever be a “tattooed bride”? Leave a comment below and let us know!

By: Kelly Hamilton

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