9 Ways to Create a Black and White Wedding Theme

Black is the new…black. It’s hot. It’s relevant, and it’s making its way onto every bride’s color wheel at a quick pace. You know the kiss of approval has been made when Vera Wang starts dying her tulle black. Mix a little darkness with light, and you’ve got yourself one of the most classic looks, yet hottest new trends in the wedding industry: the black and white wedding theme.

Here’s a few simple ways you can experiment with the black and white wedding theme

1. Sash:
Perhaps the safest way to explore the trend is with a simple sash around the waist. Not only will it let you tie in a touch of black (horrible pun intended), it will also cinch your waist. Hate the sash? Try the ribbon in your hair instead.
black and white wedding theme

2. Tables:
A strong aesthetic is necessary for this dramatic reception look, but no one can argue it’s ability to inflect a dark, romantic ambiance.
black and white wedding theme

3. Veil:
Anything more than a few spots would make you look like you’re in mourning. This delicate birdcage veil balances just the right amount of black.
black and white wedding theme

4. Gown:
Vera took it to a whole new level when she launched her collection of black wedding gowns. Sure, she shocked a lot of people, but not us. On the contrary, we’d like one of each. Please and thank you.
black and white wedding theme

5. Heels:
The great thing about the black and white wedding theme is you can take it in so many directions. This bride chose to add a little rock n’ roll to her look with these studded shoes, while more traditional brides may simply sport a classic black pair of Louboutins.
black and white wedding theme

6. Bridesmaid Dresses:
Yearn to incorporate black into your ceremony, but want to stick with the all white look? Have your girls wear black dresses. Black looks good on everyone and in every style.
black and white wedding theme

7. Invitations:
Guests will want to hang this elegant invitation on their refrigerator. Why? Well, for one, it’s classy. Second, it matches with everything.
black and white wedding theme

8. Cake:
Can you say AWESOME? We are absolutely charmed by this modern black and white cake complete with sprinkles of fun.
black and white wedding theme

9. Bouquet:
All black bouquets are gothic-esque. Not to say we can’t appreciate a great Halloween floral arrangement, but we think this mostly white bouquet with specks of black does a much classier job.
black and white wedding theme

Like the idea of incorporating a theme, but don’t think the black and white wedding theme is quite right for you? Read about some of our other wedding theme ideas here!

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By: Kelly Hamilton

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