Throw Your Hands Up: The Tradition of the Bouquet Toss

This week we’re wondering: How did the tradition of the bouquet toss begin?

We all know catching the bride’s bouquet can’t guarantee good luck, but the falsity of the tradition never seems to hinder single ladies from getting a little crazy in anticipation of getting their hands on the prized flowers. Whether the bride is tossing a bouquet or the groom is flinging a garter, throwing random things in the air at a wedding always seems to be a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Yet as popular as this tradition seems to be, we’re still kind of wondering how and why it came to be.

It seems female wedding guests have become a bit more gentle over the years. In Medieval Europe, the bride’s wedding gown was considered a fertility charm. It was custom for women attending the wedding to chase the bride and tear at her dress in hopes to attain a piece of good luck for themselves. As time passed, brides began to realize they were shelling out too much money on fashion for their girlfriends to ruin it. In addition, brides began to realize they might want to look in their closet and show their children an actual dress, rather than a tattered piece of fabric.

We can’t say we’re sorry to see the gown tearing tradition disappear, but flowers aren’t for everyone. Looking for a unique bouquet made of something different than flowers? Check out our blog “When Flowers Just Won’t Do”. Prefer a unique and classy garter? Click here to see a wide range of suggestions and photos.

By: Kelly Hamilton

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