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Why You Might Love a Wedding Food Truck

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Wedding Food Truck

Beware: the wedding food truck is not for the staunch traditionalist. Some say it’s too kitchy, others say it’s a trendy fad for young hipster couples.When you get down to it though, a food truck is really only a restaurant on wheels.

Not everyone is a major foodie or a by the book wedding planner. Some couples only want the foods that are nearest and dearest to their taste buds and are without a care in the world as to whether the foods look visually fantastic. Like the details of any wedding, it’s all a matter of taste and priority.

Wedding Food Truck

Food trucks have their benefits. First, they typically provide more options to guests than a basic wedding menu. Second, nothing tastes as good as something fresh off the stove.  A quick walk up to the food truck guarantees a tasty, hot meal made right in front of your eyes. Third, since all meals are made to order, guests are granted the ability to cater to their personal taste. Don’t like onions? No onions added! It’s as easy as a simple request to the chef.

Wedding Food Truck

Don’t you worry for a second about a good truck not offering what you like– there are trucks specializing in every food genre you can imagine, from grilled cheese to tofu to burritos. Though often associated with stale donuts and greasy on-the-go burgers, many food trucks specialize in gourmet options. Plus, you might find that food trucks are willing to cater your wedding for much less than the catering services you’ve been pricing out.

Wedding Food Truck

For the couple who enjoys the idea of snagging some treats off a truck, but doesn’t want to make the food service a main focal point of the reception, dessert trucks are always an option. Guests will love stretching their legs after a delicious meal and taking a walk out to grab a little something sweet.

Wedding Food Truck

Would you ever hire a wedding food truck? Leave a comment and let us know!

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By: Kelly Hamilton