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We know what you’re thinking; “Do I really need to add perfume to my wedding shopping list?” Right now, it may seem like a silly expense, especially if you have dozens of fancy perfume bottles sitting atop your vanity. But, the reason for buying this special scent goes beyond practicality. Much like displaying your guest book on your coffee table or having your wedding bouquet dried and pressed, this wedding day perfume will also be a special memento to remind you of your perfect day. This means you better plan a trip to the mall soon so you can hit up all the fragrance counters in Nordstrom.

Wedding details showcasing stationary, shoes, and a wedding day perfume
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Thankfully, the beauty industry doesn’t take perfume lightly. It seems that every luxury brand and celebrity out there has their own fragrance collection, which makes searching for “the one” a daunting task. Before you panic, survey all the bottles on your vanity and see what similarities they share. Are they musky, floral, citrusy, or a combination of all three? Narrowing down which type of scents you like will make the selection process much easier.

The experienced staff at our MA wedding venues suggests selecting your fragrance early in the planning process, even as quickly as a few days after you’re engaged. The reason you want to have your scent picked out far in advance is so you can wear it to every wedding-related event; which can be anything from dress shopping, to cake tastings, to walking around Target picking out stuff for your registry. Your actual wedding day will be the final time you wear this special wedding day perfume and although that sounds weird (and slightly wasteful), it makes sense.

Wedding stationary details with perfume, jewelry, and shoes
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Out of all five senses, our sense of smell is the one most commonly linked with memory. This means that with the help of our noses, our brain is easily able to recognize odors and then remember the events associated with them.

By only wearing it during wedding-related activities, you are subconsciously training your brain to associate the smell and the event together. Since you won’t be wearing this perfume every day, your brain won’t become familiar or “nose blind” to it. After your wedding and the subsequent planning that comes with it, you’ll have this unique memento (in gorgeous packaging might we add) to cherish forever.

Wedding Day Perfume
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If you want to save yourself the headache of sniffing every bottle at the department store, we’ve narrowed down our top choices. If your vibe is florals, try Jo Malone’s “Peony Blush Suede”(One of our brides used this very scent as pictured above),” or Replica’s “Bubble Bath.” As for musky or warm scents, we’re obsessed with Byredo’s “Mojave Ghost,” and Tom Ford’s “Tobacco Vanille.” Even if your budget doesn’t have room for a luxury fragrance, there are plenty of affordable options out there like Arianna Grande’s “Cloud,” or Glossier’s “You.” There are even brands like Dossier that focus on creating smell-a-likes of some of the most popular high-end perfumes.

Although a wedding day perfume isn’t an essential item on the checklist, we think it’s an incredible way to honor and remember all the little details of your special day.

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