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These days, wearing a boutonniere is all about looking great. The tradition itself, however, was born in Medieval times for a much different reason. Back then, men in the singles market weren’t stockbrokers or computer technicians. They were knights in shining armor – literally! As a token of affection, a female admirer would give a knight something to wear into battle, like a scarf or flower. The color of the given gift was almost always the same color as what the woman herself wore. The tradition was known as “wearing a lady’s colors” because of this. By sporting the gift, a knight clearly showed he was supported in battle by a lady who adored him.

The groom and his groomsmen use this technique nowadays to demonstrate their ties to the bride and bridal party. However, with all the options available for present-day couples, it is completely acceptable to go without a traditional flower boutonniere. Check out some fun boutonniere styles that our grooms (and even a bride!) have donned for their big day!

A twist of twine for this November wedding is the perfect seasonal touch. A cute pin completes the look!
SEG_Flower Boutonniere with twine and greenery
Nicole Ellen Photography
A fun flower alternative for a spring or summer wedding – a sweet succulent boutonniere!
SEG_Green Succulent Boutonniere on Groom wearing gray suit
Samantha Robshaw Photography
Don’t be afraid to accessorize your boutonniere, especially when it comes to coordinating colors & patterns!
SEG_Man wearing floral bow tie and jewel pin Boutonniere
Flavio D Photography
Celebrate his hobbies by asking your florist to incorporate everyday elements into a truly personalized lapel piece!
SEG_White and green boutonniere with bullet casing
Lynne Reznick Photography
This bride got in on the boutonniere game, pairing a traditional flower with a fun-patterned bowtie!
SEG_Bride wearing gray suit and polka dot bow tie
Belle Rey Photography
When in doubt, a classic white bloom & a little greenery can go a long way for a boutonniere.
SEG_Flower and greenery Boutonniere on a groom
Lovely Valentine

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By: Kelly Hamilton

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