Why Are People Throwing Rice at Me?

Here at Saphire Event Group, we have mastered the art of event planning, not History 101.  Nevertheless, weddings are a thing of tradition, so we have to know at least a thing or two about the past.

This week we’re wondering: Why do we throw rice at the bride and groom?
With a little detective work we discovered the tradition began years ago in ancient Egypt as a means to express good luck to the happy couple.  Due to its representation of fertility and abundance, rice quickly became one of the most popular items to toss. While we appreciate the symbolism, we’re not afraid to admit we’re partial to things a bit prettier and lot less messy than rice.

Since many venues don’t allow the throwing of rice, here are some alternatives that are guaranteed to glam up the tradition:
*Ringing mini-bells
*Waving color-coordinated ribbons attached to thin, painted dowels
*Lighting sparklers
*Releasing butterflies
*Blowing bubbles out of customized containers that double as favors
*Throwing freeze-dried rose petals

Stay tuned! History 101- Saphire style will be back for more!
By: Kelly Hamilton 

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