Rose Pedals: Cruelty-Free and Proud to Be!

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Valentine’s Day was a big day for Hallmark and….wedding website launches? Yep, you heard us right. A couple of weeks ago, we brought you “Behold, BHLDN”, a Saphire blog entry all about the V-Day reveal of the URBN family’s new bohemian-chic bridal line. This week we’re here to tell you about a very different, yet equally fabulous, website that sprang up the very same day.

Ever since December, when we posted “Love Gets a New Color- Green”, we’ve been delving deeper into the niche markets of the wedding industry. Lucky for us, we made an accidental stumble into the world of vegan weddings. And what did we find? The brainchild of a Vegan Mainstream employee –

Rose Pedals, complete with a bicycle-riding bride named Rose and the tag line “borrowed + blue + vegan too!” was an instant charmer. However, before we fell in complete adoration with the site, we needed to do a little investigative work. We set out with the most obvious of questions, what exactly is a vegan wedding?

A vegan, according to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, is “a strict vegetarian who consumes no animal food or dairy products” and someone who also “abstains from using animal products (ie. leather).” A vegan wedding, therefore, is an event that utilizes all cruelty-free, vegan-approved vendors and at which no animal food or dairy products are consumed.

At first thought, we believed a vegan wedding would likely cater almost exclusively to the non-traditional bride. However, we learned quickly that we were way off mark. We hung our head in shame a little as we read Rose Pedals “About Us” section which boldly states, “We support non-traditional and traditional couples and vendors – as long as they’re vegan!”

The site encompasses a variety of facets, including “Real Weddings” where readers can learn how other vegan couples pulled off their big day, complete with gorgeous photographs and priceless been-there-done-that advice. Similarly, there is a “Real Proposal” section where couples can submit their stories. Preferred vendors have their own portion of the website where readers can search for vegan-friendly travel, makeup, favors, catering, etc. And you know a site is SERIOUS about vegan love when even the featured illustrations are created by a vegan artist!

We are particularly impressed by how accessible guidance is through the site. Readers are encouraged to send in their questions about vegan wedding planning to Karine Brighten, of Karine Brighten Events, each week. Askers won’t have to wait long to hear back either, with responses faithfully answered Thursday of every week.

Though only recently launched, we’re certain you’ll be hearing more from this site in the future.  With a little love and a bit more exposure, Rose Pedals is bound to grow naturally. (Sorry, the sentence was just begging for a groan worthy pun.)

By: Kelly Hamilton

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