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Wedding Traditions: Why Do Brides Hold Wedding Bouquets?

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This week we’re wondering: Why do brides hold wedding bouquets?

We thought the answer to this question would be too simple to write about. In our minds, the answer was clear…because wedding bouquets are pretty. We assumed incorrectly.

wedding bouquets

Flowers were originally integrated into wedding ceremonies as a symbol of fertility. The very first bouquets were made of herbs, but as time passed, brides began clamoring for something a bit more glamorous. Orange blossoms swiftly kicked herb bouquets to the curb. Since then, it seems every flower in existence has been utilized in some way, shape or form to create the ultimate bouquet.

wedding bouquets

wedding bouquets

Five of the most popular wedding flowers today are:
1. Roses
2. Calla Lilies
3. Hydrangeas
4. Peonies
5. Tulips

wedding bouquets

Flowers aren’t for everyone though, and many brides like to step a bit off the beaten path. These days, bouquets can be made out of just about anything. A while back we delved into this topic with our blog, “When Flowers Just Won’t Do”, exploring the different routes modern brides have went with the tradition. Buttons, feathers, felt, paper…They’ve all been bouquet ingredients! Our favorite alternative finding? A bouquet made of an ice cream cone, marshmallows and candy (see it here)!

wedding bouquets

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By: Kelly Hamilton