Treat You and Your Bridal Party with Wedding Robes

Unless you’re an unbelievably low maintenance, makeup-hating bride, wedding prep time is inevitable. Your hair will need to be set, your lashes will need to be curled and your lips will need that perfect splash of color. While you could wear old shorts and a tank top during your behind the scenes transformation, it’s always fun to sport something a bit cuter. But what kind of clothing is fashionable, yet practical for such an occasion? Well, a wedding robe of course!

wedding robes

The most publicized wedding robe designer to date is undoubtedly Plum Pretty Sugar, whose robes have been increasingly spotted on popular wedding blogs like Green Wedding Shoes and Ruffled. Other independent fashion designers have followed suit, offering similar kimono style robes for less money. Singing Slowly and Silk and More are two well known Etsy apparel shops which sell look alike bridesmaid robes.

wedding robes

But why should you invest in wedding robes?
1. Adorable pre-wedding photos:
Of course the most important photographs taken on your special day will include your groom, but we think pre-wedding photos are pretty darn important too! Rocking a wedding robe with the rest of your bridal party guarantees at least a few sassy snapshots.

2. Bridal party gifts:
We promise, your bridal party is going to LOVE these! They’re useful and cute. What more could a girl ask?

3. Re-usable loungewear:
Who doesn’t like to lounge around in something fabulous? You’ll have your robe for years to come, and you can always think back on the lovely memories of your big day when you wear it.

4. Princess effect:
We’re not ones to exaggerate, so when we say these robes will make you feel elegant and special before even putting on your wedding gown, we mean it.

wedding robes

We’d love to see you and your stylish wedding robes at one of our venues! See all we have to offer here.

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By: Kelly Hamilton

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