Wedding Planning In 6 Months – Our Pros' Best Tips!

Wedding planning in 6 months—Is it even possible?  We’re here to tell you, it definitely is.

At Saphire Event Group, we know that once you’ve found “The One,” you want forever to start as soon as possible. While many couples book our Boston-area wedding venues one to two years out for their big day, you might be surprised at how quickly you can actually plan your wedding—Especially when you have a team of experts behind you to help every step of the way!

Many couples find themselves stressed at the thought of planning an entire wedding in a short time span. With over forty years of experience, our attentive staff has seen and done it all when it comes to executing flawless events.  We wanted to share some of our Event Producer’s favorite tips for planning a wedding on a quick turnaround,

Our Event Producers’ Tips for Wedding Planning in 6 Months


“My biggest advice would be to prioritize what you need, what you want, and what you could live without.

Next, tackle things in that order. Start first with booking vendors – I find that things tend to start falling into place from there. Pinterest is also a great help, but don’t fall into the trap of too many DIY components as you may find them stressful with limited planning time! Amazon and Facebook groups are a great way to source a lot of décor in a more affordable way and it is much quicker than DIY.

Also, use your Event Producer to your advantage – this is our job and we love it! We do this every day and can offer you advice and help with things that you need assistance with, we are here to be your guide throughout the planning process and are more than happy to help!”

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“My biggest piece of advice for someone planning a wedding in a shorter time frame is to narrow down each vendor category to just a couple choices.

We have a great preferred vendor list with professionals who work at our venues often and are familiar with the locations, so I would definitely suggest using that resource to your advantage.

I personally think sometimes planning a wedding in six months or less is easier because the couple has to make quicker decisions and usually, your first instincts are correct!”


“Planning a wedding in six months can be super stressful! Don’t be afraid to ask for help and delegate tasks.

You most likely have a tribe of friends and family that want your day to be perfect, so turn to them for help. If you’re a DIY bride, plan several craft nights with your girlfriends to help you knock out those creative details. This is a great way to have a girls night all while checking off your list for the big day at the same time!”

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“Don’t overdo it with extra décor for your wedding.

If you have a beautiful venue, it should do the work for you of providing the perfect backdrop for your big day. All of our ballrooms are so beautiful, you really don’t need to accent them with a lot of excess decorations – the ‘wow’ factor is already built-in!

The main thing that guests are concerned with when attending your wedding is where they are going to sit and where to put their cards. Focus your energy on the really important aspects of your wedding, like an organized seating chart and guest list, getting your registry done, booking room blocks, things like that.

As long as you provide people with the information they need to get from point A to point B in a clear and concise way, that’s all they really care about!”


“Keep it simple, and choose details for your wedding that don’t take up a lot of your precious time!

You’ve got a lot of decisions to make in a short time period, so utilize resources that can help you accomplish things quickly.

For example, instead of going to a traditional cake tasting to narrow down what flavor you want, consider choosing a cupcake tower through us—you get a multitude of flavors, so there’s sure to be something everyone likes! Plus, we’ll take care of the ordering and coordinate the setup, so it’s one less vendor that you need to worry about.

Find out what kind of relationships your venue’s Event Producer has with certain vendors and see if they can connect you with the right people that will make the day go seamlessly.”

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“To be honest, most of the important wedding planning doesn’t really happen until six months out anyway. While the average engagement is about 17 months, most couples don’t really rev up their actual plans until less than a year before their wedding. So you still have plenty of time to accomplish everything on your list!

For us as Event Producers, all of our important meetings with clients where we actually make the big decisions happen within the six months prior to their wedding, like their food tasting, menu meeting, etc.

Just make sure you stay organized—keep all your important paperwork in one place, file emails into folders immediately, things like that. It can be done, so don’t stress – we’re here to help you and to keep things as stress-free as possible!”

If you’re interested in fast-tracking your wedding plans, check out The Villa at Ridder Country Club in East Bridgewater, MA! With three unique spaces at one award-winning venue, The Villa truly has something for every couple’s wedding style.  You can contact us here to schedule a tour, and remember – our expert staff can help you with almost everything you need for your big day!

Happy planning!

By: Lindsay Scouras

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