Sand Ceremones: How to Perform One at Your Wedding
This week we’re wondering: How do you perform a unity sand ceremony?


The process is simple. All the bride and groom have to do is simultaneously pour their individual vials of sand into a joint container, called the unity vase. But why? How? When? Don’t worry folks – we’ve got all the answers!

Like a unity candle ceremony, a unity sand ceremony is all about the newlywed couple demonstrating they have officially come together as one. Typically, the event is performed during the vows, with the bride and groom opting to either stay silent or give a speech during the process.

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What we love about unity candle ceremonies is that they encourage couple-creativity. We’ve seen unity vase selections range anywhere from frames to mason jars. Remember, the container is meant to be a keepsake, so make sure it’s pretty!

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Couples also tend to get pretty creative with their sand choices. You could choose colors that coordinate with your wedding’s overall decor theme and get a personalized container to display it in your home for years to come. To make things more personal, consider getting sand from places that have significance for you and your future spouse, like a beach in each of your hometowns.

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Sand ceremonies are another example of ways that you can completely customize your wedding day to truly represent who you are as a couple. At Saphire Event Group, we love to see couples adding personal touches. Not only does it break up the flow of a traditional ceremony a bit, but it also helps your guests feel like they are truly part of the experience with you.

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By: Kelly Hamilton

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