The Worst Wedding Songs by the Most Popular Artists of 2012

Here at Saphire Event Group, we are avid music lovers; we have to be. Music is a key ingredient for the recipe of a great event. With so many weddings each year at our venues, we hear a lot of different playlists. Unfortunately, too many couples make the mistake of choosing songs without carefully inspecting their meanings. To save you some trouble, we tracked down the worst wedding songs by the most popular artists of 2012. Make no mistake, we thoroughly enjoy each of the songs listed below. However, our love for the artists and the music they’ve created does not change the fact that their song lyrics and overarching meanings are completely inappropriate for a wedding reception.

Bruno Mars: Marry You
It’s safe to say we’ll be eternally confused by the inclusion of this song on nearly every wedding playlist since its release. Did everyone who recommended the song forget to listen to the lyrics? It’s hard to miss the fact that this little number is all about being wasted and deciding to get married on a whim. In fact, Bruno himself calls the idea of the two getting married “dumb” each time the chorus comes around. Perfect!

Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris: We Found Love (Acoustic Cover)
For those of you who missed the ball, this song is about Rihanna and her relationship with abusive ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown. The song’s most repeated line is “We found love in a hopeless place”- not an uplifting thought. For some reason, wedding bloggers seem to think if you just strip the song of its techno beat and play an acoustic version at the reception, it will suddenly transform into a beautiful tune about innocent romance. Sorry folks, not happening! Watch Rihanna’s official video here and see the true meaning of the song come to life.

Adele: Make You Feel My Love
Adele is a powerhouse, but her song catalogue isn’s exactly fairytale material. This girl knows heartbreak, and she knows how to make it sound pretty. It’s easy to get caught up in her melodies, but remember Adele is the queen of lyrical sorrow. Invite her to a sweatpants, ice cream, “he sucks” party, not your post-wedding ceremony bash.

Florence + The Machine: Cosmic Love
Florence and her little machine are all the rage, and we certainly understand why musically hip couples would love to spin her tunes at their reception. That fact aside, this song talks way too much about darkness to be considered even slightly cheery. It’s good. Oh, it’s so good. But save this tune for a rainy day when nothing seems to be going right. We have a feeling it might fit the mood.

Taylor Swift: Ours
We’re fairly certain Ms. Swift writes about one thing and one thing only- love. So you might be wondering how she found herself here on our blacklist. While some of Taylor’s other songs, like “Today Was a Fairytale”, are perfect for a reception, “Ours” isn’t exactly the best fit. Rumored to be about her short affair with John Mayer, this song is all about ignoring your closest family members when they don’t approve of your love. Hmmm…not the vibe most people are hoping for at a wedding.

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By: Kelly Hamilton

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