Photographing Your Wedding Shoes

Some people just don’t understand the need for the ultimate wedding shoe. Have they never seen Cinderella? Come ON. Every girl needs her very own pair of glass slippers. Your shoes are the make or break accessory of the day. Nothing less than fantastic is worthy of being in such close proximity to a bridal gown. That’s why we’ve been so happy to see such a growing collection of wedding shoe photography. Whether they’re snapping wedding Choos (get it? Jimmy Choos!) in elaborate settings or photographing the bride slipping her feet into her first pair of Louboutins, photographers are finally coming around to the idea that a bride’s shoes are just as important as her hair, makeup and jewelry combined.

Here are some popular ways of photographing your wedding shoes

wedding shoes
Indoor shoe portrait: Have your photographer take snapshots of your shoes in your hotel room while you’re primping for the walk down the aisle.

wedding shoes
Outdoor shoe portrait: This type of photograph is the ultimate way to personify the beautiful shoes you chose to wear on your big day.

wedding shoes
Your feet in the shoes: If your feet could smile they would be grinning from ear to ear in this shot.

wedding shoes
Holding your shoes: They’re almost too pretty to wear, aren’t they? Capture them in photo before they get even the least bit scuffed.

wedding shoes
You and your bridesmaids’ shoes: Why not multiply the fabulousness? That is, if you can handle sharing the spotlight…

wedding shoes
Just your bridesmaids’ shoes: A shot of you and your bridesmaids’ shoes too much for the camera? Let the girls’ feet rock a picture solo.

You and your groom’s shoes: Yes, we know your shoes are so much prettier, but the day has to be a little bit about him too…right?!

Just your groom’s shoes: If your groom has great fashion sense, let him show it off with a photo of his unique shoes.

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By: Kelly Hamilton

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