The Best Wedding Table Numbers for Your Reception

The world of table décor can be mighty fickle. After all, table design is an art and an important art at that. Any reception table is automatically prone to judgement. Why? Because guests are going to be looking at it for a long time! They’re going to eat at it, drink at it, talk at it…and well, you get the idea. That said, there will be no detail on that table free from opinion. From the silverware to the napkins to the flowers, guests are going to inspect it all. So this week we’re here to help you out with the oft-neglected table details- wedding table numbers. Honestly, we’ve seen our fair share of awful table markers, and it’s sad! A couple will spend thousands of dollars on table flowers only to plop down some blank piece of computer paper with the number 3 written on it. Not cute, not cute at all. So don’t be a victim of ugly! Let us help you!

Here are some of the best wedding table numbers for your reception

1. Rustic: We promise no garden gnomes will pop out of these kitchy creations!
Green Wedding Shoes 
Wedding Table Numbers

2. Ultra-Femme: Spread the love with heart-shaped table markers, custom-made to color coordinate with your flowers.
100 Layer Cake
Wedding Table Numbers

3. Homemade: Simple, yet elegant, these table markers can be created at home in just minutes. 
Rock N’ Roll Bride
Wedding Table Numbers

4. Modern: Fruit, flowers and glass equals modern, high class! 
Grey Likes Weddings
Wedding Table Numbers

5. Beachy: Who doesn’t like a nice glass of wine by the ocean sunset? Let your guests pop open the table markers after everyone is seated.
Elizabeth Ann Designs
Wedding Table Numbers

6. Vintage: Remember those old books you didn’t know what to do with? We have an idea…
Jessica Claire
Wedding Table Numbers

7. Eclectic: Your guests are going to want to get their groove on by just looking at the tables!
Once Wed
Wedding Table Numbers

8. Eco-Friendly: Serving guests the pie that marks their table? Genius. 
Perpetually Engaged
Wedding Table Numbers

9. Glamorous: Okay, so they glitter. Can you blame a girl for liking something that shines like diamonds? 
Wedding Bee
Wedding Table Numbers

PS. If you need any invitation inspiration to pair up with one of these table numbers, you can read our blog entry Invitation Inspiration for 9 of the Best Wedding Themes.

By: Kelly Hamilton

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