Six Ways to Simple Wedding Hair

We know what you’re thinking…A ponytail on my wedding day? Blah! But don’t speak too fast. With the touch of a teasing comb and a bit of hairspray, this everyday look turns to retro-glam.

simple wedding hair
The charm of this look? It’s organic beauty. Little to no product is needed to let your hair fall naturally, with a bit pulled back on the top to bring your fresh face to the forefront.

simple wedding hair
Don’t let the top knot scare you! Yes, your entire face will be on display…so what? You’re beautiful. Your wedding guests will love being able to see every inch of your gorgeous mug.

simple wedding hair
At the very heart of this hairstyle is the word “relaxed”.To avoid looking like a young child, keep your braid loose and texturized. Consider loose curls and a floral wreath to help dress up the look.

simple wedding hair
Curly hair always seems to walk a fine line between low and high maintenance. Loose curls, however, have an effortless air about them. The look says “I’m glamorous, but I didn’t try TOO hard.” We like it.

simple wedding hair
Mark our words – the chignon is classic. A side chignon? The ultimate update to a timeless look. Get your bobby pins ready!

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By: Kelly Hamilton

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