How to Accessorize for a Winter Wedding

winter wedding
Ear MuffsClutch / Bracelet Cuff / Velvet Heels / Leather Gloves / Faux Fur Stole / Vintage Ring / Necklace

There are a lot of factors to consider when selecting an outfit for a winter wedding. Of course you want to be stylish, but warm. Festive, but not corny. Unique, but not attention-grabbing. The list goes on and on. Well, we handpicked the accessories above for very specific reasons, and here’s why….

Ear Muffs
These head accessories aren’t just for grandmas anymore. This season, brands like BHLDN and Free People have taken ear muffs from drab to fab, so there’s no reason to hide when you enter the wedding venue with them on.

A clutch is a lot like a pair of shoes; it can make or break an outfit. If you want to keep your holiday look to a minimum, try using the clutch as the only element of your outfit that is reminiscent of December.

Bracelet Cuff
Adorn your wrist with a beautiful gold ornament. A bracelet cuff doesn’t have to be big to make a bold statement.

Velvet Heels
Add a pop of holiday spirit with some velvet green pumps. They’ll look like little christmas trees when you’re spinning on the dance floor.

Leather Gloves
Keep your fingers warm and your fresh coat of nail polish safe from the elements with a pair of gorgeous leather gloves.

Faux Fur Stole
Who needs a big, puffy marshmallow coat, when you can warm yourself up with a classy fur stole? Faux fur, obviously!

Vintage Ring
You can be assured no one will have the same ring as you if you buy vintage. We like blue gems for the winter, because they look like shimmering icicles.

Shimmering Necklace
A little sparkle around the neck makes any lady feel like a princess.

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By: Kelly Hamilton

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