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As you go through your wedding budget, there are always tough decisions to make regarding vendors. Where to splurge and where to save, what vendors are must-haves and which are nice-to-haves. We are here to make sure a professional video makes it on your list of must-haves.

Photography always tops the list because it captures those once in a lifetime moments to be treasured through the years. Your wedding photography will be displayed throughout your home, in your wedding album and perhaps even on your social media. We wholeheartedly agree that a great photographer is one of the most important vendors on your team.

There is another vendor we feel should also top your list, a wedding videographer. They are also in place to capture the key moments that make up a wedding day, but in motion! This means they are not only capturing the major moments, but the sights, sounds, raw emotion, subtle glances and the memorable reactions from various members of your family and friends.

Below is our top three reasons you should definitely consider hiring a wedding videographer to create a professional video.


Long gone are the days of a video camera propped on an easel capturing the entire wedding from one spot. Today, most modern wedding films take a cinematic approach to your day. They have at least 2 videographers who will capture each and every moment form various angles. Then the footage is fully edited to tell the unique story of your wedding day in a professional video.


Many videographers offer various packages that include multiple video options and formats. The wedding videos you may have seen shared on social media are often a highlight film. A highlight film is usually anywhere between 4-10 minutes and is a cinematically edited, more viewer friendly, synopsis of your wedding day. A full feature is another video option. Full Features are typically a longer version of your wedding day film that is fully edited in the same cinematic style. This film is traditionally around 45-60 minutes long and will have more extended versions of your vows, speeches etc. Many videographers will also give you the option of purchasing your raw footage. Raw footage is exactly as it sounds, a raw, unedited version of your wedding day. Think of this as the “cutting room floor” video. While this is not always necessary, it can be fun to have and watch.


Your wedding will be made up of moments, both small and large. Ones that you will easily remember and others you might not even have seen unfold. As the years go by, friends and family will age and some will even pass on. Having a professional video allows you to revisit that day; to see your grandparents wiping tears of joy, to watch your dad walk you down the aisle, to hear your best friend give the speech of a lifetime. A video has a way of taking you back into the moment in a much different way. Trust us when we say, you won’t regret having a wedding video, but might certainly regret passing up on one.

As many of your married friends and family might warn you, your wedding day will fly by. This is very true! In the days, weeks and even years following your wedding, there is no better way to relive all the moments than by watching your wedding video. We hope as you plan the wedding of your dreams, you will consider including a videographer.

Looking for more information? Check out our Wedding Videography FAQ blog post!

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