Interview With An Expert: Wedding Videography FAQ

You’ve got wedding videography questions, we’ve got answers! We recently sat down with Ben McElroy, the owner of McElroy Weddings, to get the 411 on wedding videos. 

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SEG: Why should I hire a wedding videographer?  

BM: Photos are worth a thousand words, but we strongly believe that a video is worth a million! Professional wedding videography captures all of our client’s precious moments in real time as they are unfolding for a cinematic product. A wedding video does not only offer candid stunning moments of the bride and groom, but it will also capture everything in between that you may have missed which allows you to watch them back and relive the moment.

SEG: What type of investment should I make in my wedding video? 

BM: There is no other way to describe an investment for a wedding video other than the fact that it is simply priceless. When the first dance is underway and the cake is being cut, you cannot simply recapture these precious moments just from reminiscing. What could be better than replaying them from memory? Replaying it on a stunning video!

SEG: How many types of packages and features are available? 

BM: McElroy Weddings offers 3 wonderful packages that offer exactly what our brides and grooms are looking for. All of these packages include a cinematic highlight video which replays beautiful moments from the pre-ceremony, the vows, to the fun and exciting dancing at the reception! We want to make sure our packages are customizable in the sense that if a bride or groom sees something they like, they can simply add it into their packages for an unforgettable final product.

SEG: Are there different wedding video styles are out there?

BM: Every company is unique and creative in their own way in producing wedding videos. At McElroy Weddings, we always want to make sure that our style is candid, natural and stunningly cinematic. We pride ourselves on capturing the personality of the couple we are fortunate to be part of on their big day and it is our job to give them a product they are proud to watch over and over again for years to come!

SEG: How far in advance should I book my videographer?

BM: There is no ‘right’ time to book a videographer. We reserve wedding dates years in advance, months before, or even a few weeks prior to the big day! We love to accommodate in advanced and last minute bookings, and we always make sure to be on the ball for whatever they need!

SEG: How does the videographer refrain from being intrusive during the ceremony? 

BM: We pride ourselves on our wonderfully candid and natural style of filming. It is important for all of our couples to understand that we are extremely unobtrusive when we are part of your big day. We always make sure to communicate with other vendors also partaking in the big day. We want to work together and build strong communication to make sure that the ultimate goal for our brides and grooms is to have a spectacular wedding day.

SEG: Who chooses the footage and music  to use in the final video?

BM: We have an excellent staff of videographers as well as an incredible editing team at McElroy Weddings. Our brides and grooms have the creative ability to choose any song selection for sections of their cinematic highlight video which makes it their own! Our editing team, from playing back the beautiful footage, always gets a feel for the unique personality of each couple which then allows them to choose a selection only for the wedding ‘trailer’ portion. The opinion of our couples matter to us deeply, so we want to make sure they can approve of this portion prior to our editors continuing to edit the final masterpiece.

SEG: Any additional advice… 

BM: After speaking with many couples, old and young, the number one thing we always hear:  ‘The one thing we regret from our wedding day is not choosing video.’

We are proud to show off our SEG company video, done by McElroy Weddings.

McElroy Weddings approaches your day with a cinematic, photo-journalistic style, delivering an award-winning, professional HD experience in all of their films. The McElroy Weddings family has grown to include some of the most talented cinematographers in the New England area as well as an award-winning staff of editors dedicated to working with you to create your wedding day story on film! CLICK HERE to visit their website for more information.

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By: Dana Bates

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