You Need a Lovely Place to Leave Your Love

Every couple wants a guest book at their wedding- why wouldn’t they? Who would turn down a book full of compliments? All jokes aside, a guest book is a crucial part of any wedding day and is not an element to be neglected. Couples spend months, even years, working to make their day unique, so why should the chosen guest book be anything less than lovely? After all, you may want to look back on it one day and think “I have good taste”….Oh, and you might want to remember how much people love you, too.
Here are six unique guest book alternatives for the couple that’s tired of the pen and paper guest book game.

Unique Guest Book Mosiac

From Left to Right; Top to Bottom:

1. Typerwriter Guest Book:
There’s something mysteriously romantic about the clicking of an old typewriter’s keys. I mean we love computers, but plopping a PC on a table for guests to type a quick sentence doesn’t necessarily scream classy. Grab a bundle of fresh flowers, throw them in an old milk bottle and set them next to a typewriter on a lace-covered table- now you’ve created instant retro-romantic-chic.

2. Memory Guest Book:
Love a meaningful DIY project? Gather up old movie ticket stubs, little notes, receipts from dinner dates, etc. and make a memory book for your guests to browse through and sign.

3. Custom-Made Puzzle Guest Book:
We suggest you frame this custom-made puzzle guest book and hang it on your wall as a reminder of all those who love and support your marital bond.

4. Fingerprint Tree Guest Book:
Have your guests leave their mark- literally. Bleu de toi sells handmade, custom fingerprint trees for guests to sign and fill the bare branches.

5. Envelope Guest Book:
Multi-colored envelope guest books are a cute twist on the basic guest book. Let guests send you hidden messages full of love for you to read later.

6. Rolodex Guest Book:
All about creative organization? Give the Rolodex guest book a try. That way when you’re wracking your brain trying to remember what Aunt Martha wished you on your wedding day, you can just flip to M and read her wishes without a search.

Put your guest book on one of our tables! See what Saphire Event Group can do to bring your wedding plans to life.  

By: Kelly Hamilton

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