Challenging Tradition and Loving It!

We love tradition, and you know we do or else we wouldn’t offer up wedding history blogs on the regular. But as much as we love tradition, we also love breaking it.

A bride’s wedding party- now that’s traditional. Having a male in the bridal party- not so traditional…AND WE LOVE IT!

First off, don’t you dare even think of asking others if it’s okay to have a male in your wedding party. Of course it’s okay- it’s your freakin’ wedding.

Male bridesmaids, also commonly referred to as male attendants, aren’t nearly as uncommon as you may think. Many modern brides are coming to realize that a bridal party should simply include those who are closest to their hearts. If one of the people dearest to you just so happens to be a male, who cares? Flash all the haters a sassy smile and wave to them in the rearview mirror.

Just because your best guy friend is in your bridal party, doesn’t mean he has to wear a dress. We assure you it’s perfectly okay for him to stick to a traditional suit and tie, but mix it up a little. How about having his suit match the other groomsmens’, but having his tie match the bridesmaids’ dresses? Here at Saphire Event Group we have a self-proclaimed eye for fashion and think that would be just fabulous!

Keep in mind a male bridesmaid’s duties remain the same as any other bridesmaid who is female. He is there to support you and help make your day as special as possible, because in the end, it’s really all about the love.

By: Kelly Hamilton

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