It's Easy to Have a Confetti Wedding!

As wedding experts, it’s our job to anticipate and predict industry trends. It’s just a few days into the new year, and our ears are already ringing with ideas! Since we can’t give away all our trend forecasting secrets at once, we thought we’d start off by proposing this small, yet very important wedding question…

Is confetti the new glitter?

confetti wedding
Confetti Invites
Since a seemless tie-in between your invites and your decor is always preferred, give your guests a subtle heads-up on what kind of wedding they have coming their way.

confetti wedding
Confetti Slingshot
Take an alternative route and have your guests shower you with confetti upon exit time with homemade, personalized slingshots that can be taken home after the wedding.

confetti wedding
Confetti Cake
We have a feeling this edible confetti tastes just as good as it looks! So fun.

confetti wedding
Confetti Balloons
Designate the bride and groom’s chairs at the reception with festive confetti balloons. Keeping the amount of balloons minimal is key to making them a focal piece instead of a distracting spectacle.

confetti wedding
Confetti Table Runner
Keep the confetti shining (but contained!) by forming a clean line of it down the middle of the table. It’s simple, but guests eyes will be drawn to it instantly.

Convinced glitter is here to stay? Read our blog, “Glitter Wedding Inspiration”.

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By: Kelly Hamilton

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