How to Create an Exquisitely Intimate Indoor Wedding

A wedding is a very momentous event that requires a lot of careful thought and planning in order to come together as desired and envisioned. One of the very first decisions a couple will need to make during the planning process is how big they want their wedding to be. It can definitely be tempting to hold a wedding that is large enough for all family members and friends to attend, but there are also many wonderful advantages to holding a small, intimate wedding.

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Planning an Exquisitely Intimate Indoor Wedding

Small, intimate weddings can achieve a wonderful level of comfort and relaxation that can be difficult to create with larger weddings, especially when considering that some of the highly desirable and unique modern wedding venues are better suited to smaller, more intimate weddings. Intimate weddings can also allow couples to focus more on the finer details so they can truly personalize the experience for themselves and their guests. Fortunately, holding a more intimate wedding does not mean that it will be any less exquisite than a larger wedding–in fact, it can often be made even more so. Here are some key tips to follow in order to create an exquisitely intimate indoor wedding:

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1. Work with a wedding consultant. One mistake some couples may make in planning an intimate wedding is thinking that a smaller wedding is far less complicated to plan than a larger wedding as it will have fewer details. Actually, a smaller, more intimate wedding should be more carefully planned because its size will actually make all the details even more noticeable. A wedding consultant can help to ensure that the wedding achieves its goals of being intimate while also being very beautifully detailed-oriented.
2. Carefully consider your meal choices. A smaller, more intimate wedding often means that one is better able to stretch their budget, and one of the many benefits of doing this means that one can provide better meal options. Whereas your budget may only be able to provide hors d’oeuvres and cake to a guest list of one hundred fifty, it may be able to provide a full four-course dinner to a guest list of seventy five. Needless to say, the latter option creates a more comfortable and relaxing atmosphere that can allow the happy couple and guests a greater opportunity to mingle with one another.
3. Pay attention to the details that will make it a memorable experience for your guests. While the wedding is primarily focused on the wonderful life journey the happy couple is embarking upon, it is also an opportunity for them to celebrate their joy with others. Just as in any other hosting situation, small details can go a long way in making guests feel more cared for and included. This could mean providing guests with personalized gift baskets rather than small favor boxes, and providing quality champagne rather than sparkling wine.
4. Consider how to involve your guests more. With a small, intimate wedding you have the opportunity to make your guests more a part of the experience. This may mean they stand to encircle you during the ceremony, or that everyone sits together, family-style, at one large table for the reception. These types of experiences that involve all the guests can make the wedding feel like a more intimate, comfortable and memorable experience for everyone involved.
5. Invite individuals with whom you have deep, strong bonds and relationships. This can be difficult to consider when there may be hurt feelings among those who are expecting invitations and don’t receive them, but it can also make a big difference in the level of intimacy achieved at the wedding. Being surrounded by very close friends and family members will allow the couple and their guests to feel more relaxed and comfortable throughout the entire wedding. A wedding consultant can help one decide how to let down disappointed individuals as gently as possible.
6. Choose a fabulous indoor wedding venue. There are many indoor venues that are promoted as the ideal space to have an intimate indoor wedding, but beware: many of them are entirely blank slates that will need a considerable amount of time and effort invested in them in order to transform into the exquisite location you desire. While it may seem like a blank slate allows one to consider more options, in actuality it often just creates a bigger headache. Instead, take the time to carefully select a fabulous indoor wedding venue that will create the basic foundation necessary to design an exquisitely intimate indoor wedding experience.

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