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It can be very exciting to plan a wedding, and it can also be very overwhelming. Whether you choose to hire a wedding planner to assist you or you want to brave the planning process alone, there is no doubt that there are many little details you will have to consider along the way. The important thing to remember is that you should take one step at a time and that once you have some basic details set, like choosing when to hold your wedding, other details can be better defined and therefore more easily fall into place.

One good place to start your wedding planning is by choosing when to host your wedding so that you can determine a basic character and theme. Sometimes, choosing when to host your wedding is based on the time that will be most convenient for family members and friends to attend. More often, however, choosing when to host your wedding is based on the time of year you most enjoy. Those couples who spend a lot of time outdoors may prefer a summer wedding, while those couples who enjoy dramatic colors and cooler temperatures may prefer a fall wedding and those couples who enjoy feeling snug and warm indoors while it rains or snows outside may prefer a winter wedding. Whatever season you prefer, there is a basic character that must be addressed within your overall wedding theme.

Ideas for Hosting the Perfect February Wedding

February can be a highly desirable wedding month for many couples, largely because it has the flavor of the winter season, while also hinting at the forthcoming spring. It also is often viewed as the perfect month to celebrate timeless love, seeing as how Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of this month.

In order to plan a wedding theme that beautifully complements the season and month, the following are some basic February wedding ideas:

Utilize Winter Wedding Colors

The winter season is often associated with the color of white, especially in areas that experience snowfall. In fact, the month of February can often bring the greatest snowfall of the season. This means it is a perfect time to pull out and use beautiful, deep colors in your wedding. Some beautiful February wedding colors include grayed jade, brown, silver and a deep red.

Wedding portrait at February wedding in New England
Sarah Driscoll Photography

Create a Cozy, Romantic Feel

Most winter weddings are held indoors, which can provide you with the perfect opportunity to create a cozy, romantic feel for both you and your guests. Many indoor wedding venues are beautiful in their own right, but with a few decorative touches added you can create the perfect setting for your February wedding.

Consider dimming the main lighting and using candles in your chosen wedding colors. Natural woods used for guest tables, chairs, centerpieces or other focal points, can also add to the cozy, intimate feeling.

Choose Tasty, Warming Drinks

Well-chosen drinks can complement the food and dessert shared at a wedding, adding beautifully to the experience. Some favorite winter flavors that can be incorporated into tasty drink options include apple, cranberry, raspberry, peppermint, gingerbread, cinnamon, and vanilla. If your February wedding will be held in a particularly chilly climate, hot chocolate may be a wonderful way to keep your guests feeling warm.

Warming drinks for a February wedding
sarah driscoll photography

Select Flowers that Complement Your Wedding Colors and Theme

In keeping with the theme of using beautiful, deep colors for your February wedding, you should consider flowers that will enhance this theme. You may use the classic beauty of roses, the elegant beauty of calla lilies, the festive beauty of holly or even the sweet beauty of ranaunculi. There are many beautiful flower combinations that can add even more color and beauty to your February wedding, bringing the whole wonderful theme together.

February wedding decor with red flowers
Sarah Driscoll Photography

Hosting a memorable wedding, at any time of the year, is all about the details. Tied together by theme and colors, these small touches sprinkled throughout your wedding can add a uniqueness and a style that highlights the season, while also maintaining a wonderfully cozy and romantic atmosphere. The end result is an event that will create beautiful memories for you and your guests to enjoy long into the future.

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